The dwarf; or, Mind and matter, by E.L.A. Berwick

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Page 193 - ... Sanction, she succeeded to all the dominions of the house of Austria. Her person was formed to wear a crown, and her mind to give lustre to her exalted dignity ; she possessed a commanding figure, great beauty, animation, and sweetness of countenance, a pleasing tone of voice, fascinating manners; and united feminine grace with a strength of understanding and an intrepidity above her sex.
Page 20 - Selfish avidity and lawless ambition can only be restrained by force. Charles Albert, elector of Bavaria, laid claim to the kingdom of Bohemia, on the strength of an article in the will of the emperor Ferdinand I. brother to Charles V. Augustus lI.
Page 20 - ... France, and even of the rest of Europe, was continued, with little interruption, for nearly 20 years. 3. After the death of Fleury, France was involved in the war of the Austrian Succession, which was occasioned by the death of the emperor, Charles VI. There were two claimants, to the imperial throne ; Maria Theresa, the late emperor's eldest daughter, who was married to Francis of Lorraine, Grand Duke of Tuscany ; and Charles, the
Page 213 - ... street where his wretched little forge was established. He was working away as hard as he could, and his face was bedewed with perspiration. A stranger who was passing down the street, observing the earnest manner with which the hardy smith was labouring, stopped to look at him. This stranger was a very venerable old man, with hair and beard as white as snow ; and he was arrayed in garments that were the same colour as his beard and hair. (Canitic et barba venerandas, alba veste indutiis, Gilíes...
Page 55 - Zenco — the issue, my friend ; there lies the difference," he said, in a hesitating tone. " Well ?" I said, encouragingly, " and what of that ? The issue is pretty much the same in one case as in the other. It is the...

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