Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

An entertaining, if slightly disappointing, debut.The setting is an office. The goods and/or services provided by the company depicted are never defined, but, clearly, business is not good. There have been firings. Using the first-person plural, Park creates a kind of collective narrator to explore the lives of employees still clinging to their jobs. The use of the first-person plural is a bold ... Read full review

Review: Personal Days: A Novel

Editorial Review -

In an unnamed New Yorkbased company, the employees are getting restless as everything around them unravels. There's Pru, the former grad student turned spreadsheet drone; Laars, the hysteric whose work anxiety stalks him in his toothgrinding dreams; and Jack II, who distributes unwanted backrubs–aka “jackrubs”–to his coworkers. On a Sunday, one of them is called at home. And the Firings begin ... Read full review

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