Quarter Century Edition of The Paradise of Childhood: A Practical Guide to Kindergartners

Front Cover
Milton Bradley Company, 1907 - Kindergarten - 274 pages

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Page 16 - I was reputed a mischievous boy that ought not to sit with the girls. The smallest girls on the first form were seated just in front of me. A verse from the Bible, treated in the sermon on the Sunday preceding, was spoken aloud by one of the older girls and repeated by all the small girls in front. On this first day of my attendance they repeated the words of the Lord : 'Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.
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Page 18 - Consent was easily and gladly given. Towards the end of the year 1792 I went to him. His wife and child had died early. Only his aged mother-in-law lived with him. As austerity reigned in my father's house, so here kindness and benevolence. I saw there, in respect to myself, distrust ; here, confidence ; there, I felt constraint ; here, freedom. While there, I had been hardly at all among boys of my own age ; here, I found certainly as many as forty fellow-pupils — for I entered now the higher...
Page 40 - Oh, if I could only think of a good name for my youngest born ! ' Blankenburg lay at our feet, and he walked moodily towards it. Suddenly he stood still as if riveted to the spot, and his eyes grew wonderfully bright. Then he shouted to the mountain so that it echoed to the four winds, 'Eureka!
Page 25 - ... an even surface of ground or sand chosen for the purpose. When the picture was firmly grasped and imprinted, we drew it in school on a blackboard lying horizontally. It was sketched first by the teacher and pupils together, then made an exercise for every scholar. Our representations of the earth's surface had at first a spherical form like the apparent horizon.
Page 55 - ... colony, showing by its act that it truly reverences the cross which is erected in memory of Bonifacius, the earliest promulgator of Christianity here. Directly in front stands the old castle of Liebenstein whose name has a good sound near and far for its healing springs; and on the right, shaded with lofty poplars and surrounded by green meadows and waving fields of grain, with the murmur of clear waters...
Page 47 - ... with them a song belonging to it. The loving patience and abandon with which he did this, the whole bearing of the man while the children played various games under his direction were so moving that tears came into my companion's eyes as well as my own.
Page 13 - The location of my parents' house had also an essential influence in the development and formation of my inner being. This structure was closely surrounded by other buildings, walls, hedges and fences, and was further inclosed by a court-yard and by grass and vegetable gardens, entrance on which was severely punished. The dwelling- had no other outlook than right and left on houses, in front on a large church, and behind on the grassy base of a high mountain. I was thus deprived of a distant view...
Page 23 - ... and so I feared to find in the letter the destruction of my life. When after some days of alternation between hope and doubt I finally opened it, I was not a little astonished that in the beginning of it the most heartfelt sympathy was expressed. The farther contents moved me deeply. It contained the news of my uncle's death, and the announcement that a legacy had fallen to me ;is well as to my brothers and sisters.

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