Life, Letters, and Journals of George Ticknor, Volume 1

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J.R. Osgood, 1876
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Page 164 - October 20. — This morning, like Portia's messenger, we passed " With imagined speed Unto the tranect, to the common ferry Which trades to Venice"; .... At the little village of Mira, on the Brenta, and about fourteen miles from Venice, we came to the villa now occupied by Lord Byron, and, still feeling curious to see him, I went in. It was eleven o'clock,
Page 55 - elegant ; and, though I should not think of comparing her to Corinne, yet I think she has uncommon powers June 16. — We dined at Mr. Vanghan's, with Dr. Schwabe, a learned German clergyman, who gave us considerable information on the state of letters in Germany ; Mr. Maltby, the successor of Porson
Page 56 - an introduction from Mr. Gifford. Here, again, my anticipations were mistaken. Instead of being deformed, as I had heard, he is remarkably well built, with the exception of his feet. Instead of having a thin and rather sharp and anxious face, as he has in his pictures, it
Page 319 - 9, 1819. DEAR SIR, — You have desired me to give you a projet of the instructions it may seem most advisable to give under the Smith Professorship of the French and Spanish Languages and Literatures, and the College Professorship of the Belles-Lettres. Each, as it seems to me, should be considered separately.
Page 361 - Nay, who has been taught anything, at our colleges, with the thoroughness that will enable him to go safely and directly onward to distinction in the department he has thus entered, without returning to lay anew the foundations for his success ? It is a
Page 53 - T Macbeth. If we should fail ? lady Macbeth. We fail. But screw your courage to the sticking place, And we '11 not fail. " No,
Page 113 - Maine, Voss, Professor of History, etc. The evening passed away pleasantly; there was little eating or drinking, but much amusing conversation, and at eleven o'clock everybody went home, and we bade farewell to the Chancellor and Halle. receive us. He is something above the middle size, large but not gross, with gray hair, a
Page 9 - from the ill intentions of Jerome Bonaparte, the King of Westphalia, — in which he gave a sketch of the University, and its courses of study. My astonishment at these revelations was increased by an account of its library, given, by an Englishman who had been at
Page 311 - In 1825 the following interesting letter came from, him, written in English, so nearly perfect that it is given here exactly from the autograph. COPPET, August 10, 1825. MY DEAR TICKNOR,— It is an object of most sincere regret to me, that it was not in my power to be of any use to your
Page 388 - My dear Mrs. Ticknor ! Then I am afraid you must have double rows, and that is a plague. .... Your library is thirty-four by twenty-two, you say. But, to be sure, you have not given me the height, and that height may make, out room enough. Pray have it measured for me,

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