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Longmans, Green, 1911 - Philosophy, Modern - 411 pages
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Page 294 - But I have no serious doubt that the ordinary prides and shames of social man, once developed to a certain intensity, are capable of organizing such a moral equivalent as I have sketched, or some other just as effective for preserving manliness of type/ It is but a
Page 271 - budgets of all nations show us. , , History is a bath of blood. The Iliad is one long recital of how Diomedes and Ajax, Sarpedon and Hector killed. No detail of the wounds they made is spared us, and the Greek mind fed upon the story. Greek history is a panorama of jingoism and imperialism — war
Page 282 - of the State, and the only function in which peoples can employ all their powers at once / and convergently. No victory is possible save as the resultant of a totality of virtues, no defeat for which some vice or weakness is not responsible. Fidelity, cohesiveness, tenacity, heroism, conscience, education, inventiveness, economy, wealth, physical health and vigor — c.
Page 272 - motives. In the Peloponnesian war for example, the Athenians ask the inhabitants of Melos (the island where the "Venus of Milo" was found), hitherto neutral, to own their lordship. The envoys meet, and hold a debate which Thucydides gives in full, and which, for sweet reasonableness of form, would have satisfied Matthew Arnold. '
Page 280 - This will give Japan what her ineluctable ' vocation as a state absolutely forces her to claim, the possession of the entire Pacific Ocean; and to oppose these deep designs we Americans have, according to our author, nothing but our conceit, our ignorance, our commercialism, ourjcorruption, and our feminism. General Lea makes a minute technical
Page 292 - and this js my idea — there were, instead of military conscription a conscription of the whole youthful population to form for a certain number of years a part of the army enlisted
Page 287 - pride; but it has to be confessed that the / \ / — only sentiment which the image of pacific / is capable of arous- / ing in countless -worthy breasts is shame at the idea of belonging to such a collectivity. is obvious that the United States of America as they exist to-day
Page 281 - paints may lurk in ambush for us. Ignorant as we still are of the innermost recesses of Japanese mentality, we may be foolhardy to disregard such possibilities. Other militarists are more complex and more moral in their considerations. The "Philosophic des Krieges," by SR Steinmetz is a good example.-
Page 297 - of service and devotion, of physical fitness, unstinted exertion, and universal responsibility, which universal military duty is now teaching European nations, will remain a permanent acquisition, when the last ammunition has been used in the fireworks that celebrate the final peace. I believe as he does,
Page 286 - of the Lord furnish the moral spur provided elsewhere by the fear of the enemy. But our socialistic peace-advocates all believe absolutely in this world's ^. // values; and instead of the fear of the Lord ' '"* and the fear of the enemy, the only fear they reckon with is the

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