Fanny, the Flower-girl, Or, Honesty Rewarded

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General Books LLC, 2010 - Social Science - 54 pages
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Excerpt: ...contrary to this holy fruit?" "Yes, mamma." "Then what are you to do in order to overcome the one, and to obtain the other?" "I must ask the Lord Jesus to give me the Holy Spirit." "Yes, my child, to him must you come for all help, and he will not send you empty away. Here is a subject on which you must indeed open your mouth wide, in earnest prayer, and wait on the Lord for his gracious answer. 'Ask, and ye shall receive, ' he says, and after showing how an earthly father will act towards his child that asks for bread, how does he conclude?" "He says, 'How much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him!'" "Will you then, my dear Frances, profit by this gracious instruction, and will you ask for the Holy Spirit?" "Yes, mamma, I will try." "Do you believe the Lord will give you the Holy Spirit when you ask?" "He says He will, mamma." "That is enough, my child; what the Lord says is yea and amen. It is written, 'Hath he said, and will he not do it?'" "Yes, mamma, I know God is Truth, He cannot lie." "But you know also, my dear Frances, when the Holy Spirit is given, he takes up his abode in the heart, and he acts in the soul, and will not dwell there without producing his holy fruit; and tell me now what is the fruit you particularly want to overcome this sinful desire of appetite which prevails in your heart." "Is it not temperance, mamma?" "Yes, and if He comes into your heart, he will give it you, and moreover teach you to repent of your sins; for consider, my Frances, sin is an offence against him, and needs to be repented of. Do you repent?" "I am very sorry, mamma." "But repentance is more than sorrow; it will make you ashamed before God, and make you feel yourself vile; and it will also make you carefully watchful against the temptation; it will make you anxious to quit the sin, and clear your soul from its power; it will make you indignant against it, and urge you to seek that strength from the Spirit, which will...

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