Acts of the Legislature of the State of New Jersey

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Secretary of State, 1894 - Law
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Page 552 - when so designated, shall be a body corporate and shall possess and be deemed to have power to sue and be sued, complain and defend in any court of law or equity, to make and use a common seal, and all other corporate power necessary for the carrying out the powers hereinafter conferred. 2.
Page 333 - sixty days after the making and filing of such assessment, on paying or giving security, approved by the ordinary or orphans' court, to pay all costs, together with whatever tax shall be fixed by said court; the said appraiser shall be paid by the state treasurer on the warrant of the comptroller, on the certificate of the
Page 197 - thereof to the use of the state of New Jersey and the other moiety to him who shall sue for the same, to be recovered by action of debt in any court of record, together with costs of suit;
Page 535 - will justly and honestly keep all the books, writings and property committed to my care as custodian of the capitol of New Jersey, and that I will faithfully and honestly perform all the duties of the said office according to the best of my ability, so help me God,
Page 467 - said board ; it shall make and adopt all necessary rules, regulations and by-laws not inconsistent with the laws of this state or of the United States, whereby to perform the duties and to transact the business required under the provisions of this act. 3. And be it enacted, That said board
Page 86 - of this state, and such also as they may deem necessary and proper for the good government, order, protection of persons and property, and for the preservation of the public health and prosperity of said city and its inhabitants, and the same to alter, amend and repeal.
Page 335 - estate, under this act, or any act heretofore passed, shall be paid by the state treasurer upon the warrant of the comptroller, and shall not exceed the following rates: on all sums paid to the state treasurer, not
Page 330 - not deliver or be compelled to deliver any specific legacy or property subject to tax to any person until he shall have collected the tax thereon ; and whenever any such legacy shall be charged upon or payable out of real estate, the heir or
Page 488 - under this act shall be audited by the comptroller of this state and then submitted to the governor for his approval, and after being thus audited and approved by the governor shall be paid by the state treasurer upon the warrant of the comptroller. 6. And be, it enacted, That this act shall be deemed a public act and shall take effect immediately. Approved May
Page 332 - shall have been paid erroneously to the state treasurer, it shall be lawful for the comptroller of the treasury, on satisfactory proof rendered to him of such erroneous payments, to draw his warrant on the state treasurer, in favor of the executor, administrator, person or persons who have paid any such

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