General Laws of the State of Idaho, Volume 1

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Authority, 1891 - Law
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Page 59 - this State, or of the United States, nor while engaged in the navigation of the waters of this State, or of the United States, nor while a student of any institution of learning, nor while kept at any almshouse or other asylum at the public expense.
Page 51 - or who shall wilfully destroy any ballot. Every person violating any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and, upon conviction thereof in any court of competent jurisdiction, shall be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary for a period of not less than one year nor more than five years. SEC.
Page 247 - To provide for the allotment of lands in severally to Indians on the various reservations and to extend the protection of the laws of the United States and the Territories over the Indians, and for other purposes." The Secretary of State is hereby requested to forward copies of this memorial to the
Page 54 - to pay the interest on such indebtedness as it falls due, and also to constitute a sinking fund for the principal thereof within twenty years from the time of contracting the same.
Page 166 - entered in the minutes. In case of misdemeanor, the jury may consist of twelve, or any number less than twelve upon which the parties may agree in open court, but fivesixths of the jury may render a verdict, which verdict shall have the same effect as a unanimous verdict.
Page 84 - considered to be the residence of a person in which his habitation is fixed, and to which, whenever he is absent, he has the intention of returning. SECOND.—A person shall not be considered or held to have lost his residence who shall leave his home and go into another State, Territory, or county of this State, for temporary purposes merely, with an intention of returning.
Page 126 - chartered by or organized under the laws of this State, or of any other State or Territory, or of the United States, may lease or purchase and operate the whole or any part of the railroad of any other railroad corporation, together with the franchises, powers, immunities, and all other property or appurtenances appertaining thereto.
Page 39 - deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and be fined not less than two hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, or be imprisoned in the county jail not less than two months nor more than six months. SEC.
Page 146 - or her, or their attendance at school, or application to study for the period required, or that such child or children are taught in a private school or at home in such branches as are usually taught in a primary school, or have already acquired the ordinary branches of learning taught in the public
Page 146 - having control and charge of a child or children between the ages of eight and fourteen years shall be required to send such child or children to a public school for a period of twelve weeks in each school year,

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