The New International Terrorism and Political Violence Guide

Trafford, 2002 - 328 sider
Your source to "CLASSIFIED INFORMATION" on Terrorism & Politically Motivated Aggression, as well as the "Ways & Means" to "Neutralize and Control" these modern day THREATS!!!!!

This NEW research is based mainly on classified information, which the main author through his long-term stationing in the Balkans until late 2000, covering a position of major relevance in the Security Arena, has managed to experience firsthand. The included update is quite current, February 2002, and includes additional information regarding Russia, Biological Warfare & Chemical Weapons.

A great percentage of this research is regarded as CLASSIFIED & RESTRICTED information by official sources such as SFOR, KFOR, NATO, as well as American & European Intelligence Communities.

We have included classified information released by Ex-Government Officials, whose names, for obvious reasons, cannot be identified.

The Criminal Organizations and especially the TERRORIST THREAT is a hidden threat, and to assess the nature and seriousness of such a threat is quite difficult with, and especially without access to CLASSIFEID INTELLIGENCE.

An informative study of politically motivated aggression and the ways that certain golbal groups manage to operate on financial and organisational levels, put together with information from classified intelligence sources from over 10 agencies. The most up-to-date information regarding terrorism in the Balkans and the Middle East.

Incorporating the author's firsthand experience, the book explores the connections that organised crime and terrorism may have with the drug trade, religious extremism, and political motivation, as well as the role that resources and location may have in the mobilisation of aggressive sentiment. Ideas are presented on ways that criminal activity may be countered on a world-wide basis, including the formation of global organisations specifically designed to weed out drug traffickers, Mafia connections, and communities that may harbour the development of terrorist forces.

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