History of Bowdoin College: With Biographical Sketches of Its Graduates, from 1806 to 1879, Inclusive

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J. R. Osgood & Company, 1882 - United States - 905 pages
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Page 265 - He was a scholar, and a ripe and good one ; Exceeding wise, fair-spoken and persuading : Lofty and sour to them that loved him not, But to those men that sought him, sweet as summer.
Page 314 - was the gladiators' cry In the arena, standing face to face With death and with the Roman populace. O ye familiar scenes, — ye groves of pine, That once were mine and are no longer mine, — Thou river, widening through the meadows green To the vast sea, so near and yet unseen, — Ye halls, in whose seclusion and repose Phantoms of fame, like exhalations, rose And vanished, — we who are about to die, Salute you...
Page 320 - For age is opportunity no less Than youth itself, though in another dress, And as the evening twilight fades away The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.
Page 317 - This throng of faces turned to meet my own, Friendly and fair and yet to me unknown, Transformed the very landscape seems to be; It is the same, yet not the same to me. So many memories crowd upon my...
Page 320 - What then ? Shall we sit idly down and say The night hath come; it is no longer day ? The night hath not yet come; we are not quite Cut off from labor by the failing light; Something remains for us to do or dare; Even the oldest tree some fruit may bear...
Page 43 - An act to amend the charter and enlarge and improve the corporation of Dartmouth College." Among other alterations in the charter, this act increases the number of trustees to twenty-one, gives the appointment of the additional members to the executive of the state, and creates a board of overseers, with power to inspect and control the most important acts of the trustees.
Page 316 - Write on your doors the saying wise and old", "Be bold ! be bold !" and everywhere — " Be bold ; Be not too bold ! " Yet better the excess Than the defect ; better the more than less ; Better like Hector in the field to die, Than like a perfumed Paris turn and Ну.
Page 319 - Stark on the floor the luckless clerk lay dead ! The writer of this legend then records Its ghostly application in these words : The image is the Adversary old, Whose beckoning finger points to realms of gold ; Our lusts and passions are the downward stair That leads the soul from a diviner air ; The archer, Death ; the flaming jewel, Life ; Terrestrial goods, the goblet and the knife ; The knights and ladies, all whose flesh and bone By avarice have been hardened into stone j The clerk, the scholar...
Page 320 - Sinks from its higher levels in the brain; Whatever poet, orator, or sage May say of it, old age is still old age. It is the waning, not the crescent moon; The dusk of evening, not the blaze of noon; It is not strength, but weakness; not desire, But its surcease; not the fierce heat of fire, The burning and consuming element, But that of ashes and of embers spent, In which some living sparks we still discern, Enough to warm, but not enough to burn.
Page 303 - In vain the silent man imbibed aesthetic tea. Whatever fancies it inspired did not flower at his lips. But there was a light in his eye which assured me that nothing was lost. So supreme was his silence that it presently engrossed me to the exclusion of everything else. There was very brilliant discourse, but this silence was much more poetic and fascinating. Fine things were said by the philosophers, but much finer things were implied by the dumbness of this gentleman with heavy brows and black...

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