A History of the Putnam Family in England and America: Recording the Ancestry and Descendants of John Putnam of Danvers, Mass., Jan Poutman of Albany, N. Y., Thomas Putnam of Hartford, Conn, Volume 2

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Salem Press Publishing and Printing Company, 1908
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Page 76 - In 1845 he was a member of the convention to revise the state constitution, and in 1853 was elected to the US senate as a Whig; but during the anti-slavery agitation he became a Democrat.
Page 17 - Of the brigands and pirates, twenty-one were killed, besides FOUR, who were brought in just at the close, and immediately after the engagement— ALL OF WHOM I ORDERED TO BE SHOT UPON THE SPOT; AND IT WAS DONE ACCORDINGLY.
Page 126 - Geoffrey a monk at Bee." The Archbishop rebuked the Count for bigamy. His wife, Geoffrey's mother, had become a nun, and the Count himself had taken a vow, but nevertheless had married again, for the third time. The Archbishop argued that it was unlawful for him to marry in his wife's lifetime, although his wife was a nun. (See Letters of Archbishop Anselm, in Freeman's "William Eufus"). This is good proof that Eustace II., of Bolougne, had a son, "Goisfridus," or Geoffrey, although he is not mentioned...
Page 127 - Pharam," as a witness, with eight earls and a bishop, and according to JH Round's "Geoffrey de Mandeville," this was "Pharamus fitz William de Boulogne, nepos of the Queen," (but in this and following item, rather the second cousin than the nephew of grandson of Queen Matilda). In this year, 1141, Faramus, or Pharamond, was in joint charge of the king's "familia...
Page 129 - Joan, surname unknown, and had: JOHN PUTNAM, of Rowsham, in Wingrave, Bucks, where he was buried, 2 October, 1573. He had, by his wife, name unknown : NICHOLAS PUTNAM, named in his father's will, who d. in Stewkeley, will proved 27 September, 1598. He m. at Wingrave, 30 January, 1577, Margaret, daughter of John and Elizabeth Goodspeed, and had: JOHN PUTNAM, bapt. at Wingrave, Bucks, 17 January, 1579-80, who came from Ashton Abbotts, Bucks, (where his children were baptized, 1612-1627), to New England,...
Page 128 - Baronagium Genealogicum," 412), Bartholomew de Hampden, Bucks., who had by this match certain lands in Wendover manor, Bucks., on which Pharamond, his wife's ancestor, was assessed a fine in 4 Hen. II., and which had been her father's in 2 Hen. III. Their son, SIR REGINALD DE HAMPDEN, d. 1220, had, by his wife, Agnes, daughter of Sir Ingram Burton: SIR ALEXANDER DE HAMPDEN, high sheriff of Bucks, and Bedford, 1249 and 1260, d. 1262. He m. Marian, daughter of Sir Bryan Herdby, and had: SIR REGINALD...
Page 127 - Bononiensis." (Sym. Dun., II., 310.) Pharamond retained favor under Henry II., and is frequently of record in the Pipe Roll, and received sixty pounds annually from the Royal dues in Wendover and Eaton. At this time he held six fees of the honor of Boulogne. He also inherited the marriage portion of his grandfather, in Surrey, and the manor of Carshalton, a confiscated estate of Earl Geoffrey, grandson of the first Geoffrey de Mandeville. (See Brayley's "Surrey," IV., 65, and Collinson's "Somersetshire,"...
Page 126 - Geoffrey de Mandeville, lord of Aultone, Surrey, one of the heroes of Hastings, who was rewarded with 118 lordships in England, with his chief seat at Walden, in Essex, and was the first Norman constable of the Tower of London. (See Planche's "The Conqueror and His Companions"). Geoffrey's son, WILLIAM DE BOULOGNE, d. before 1130. (See "Monasticon Anglicanum,
Page 128 - Bee Charter, 1171. (Cart. St. Josse, fo. 5, 20). Their son and heir: WILLIAM DE FIENES, feudal lord of Martock, Somerset, of which manor he had livery, in 1207-8, on quit claim of his mother, (Rot. Glaus. 8 John). He d. in 1240-1, having issue by his wife, whose name has not been preserved, Ingelram, his heir (who had livery of his father's estates in 1241, and was a knight at Eversham, and d. 1267, ancestor of the Lords Dacre of the South, the Tx>rds Save and Sele, etc.), and A DAUGHTER, name unknown,...
Page 126 - Wluoldo abbate et Gaufrido de magna villa. [1076—84.] ' Wluoldus ' is probably Wulfwold, abbot of Chertsey (f 1084). Com p. with this charter Round, Feud. Eng. 330: 'the Mandeville fief in Surrey, where we read of " Aultone " : — " De his hidis tenet Wesmam vi hidas de Goisfrido filio comitis Eustachii ; hanc terram dedit ei Goisfridus de Mannevil cum filia sua

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