My only love, 3 vols, Volume 2

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Page 37 - Every thing that heard him play, Even the billows of the sea, Hung their heads, and then lay by. In sweet music is such art, Killing care and grief of heart Fall asleep, or hearing die.
Page 115 - Give me but my hollow tree, A crust of bread and liberty.
Page 120 - The first verse over between life and death, was followed by loud bursts of applause. Thus emboldened, I rose to my full power in the second, which changed from one key to another in wild cadences, and back again, like the heart to its first love — then came the answer to my appeal, not in weak clapping of kid gloves, but in the roar of many voices from that sea of upturned heads, straining eagerly forward to catch the sight and sound of a pale girl singing out her very heart and soul ; they knew...
Page 166 - In their first passion women love their lovers, in all the others they love love. ["In her first passion woman loves her lover, In all her others what she loves is love.

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