Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Volume 99

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Page 130 - Provided, that in actions where one of the original parties to the contract or cause of action in issue and on trial is dead...
Page 142 - Provided, That nothing in this act shall be construed to prevent all the shares in any of the said associations, held by any person or body corporate, from being included in the valuation of the personal property of such person or corporation in the assessment of taxes imposed by or under State authority at the place where such bank is located, and not elsewhere...
Page 637 - No bill or resolve of the senate or house of representatives shall become a law and have force as such, until it shall have been laid before the governor for his revisal; and if he, upon such revision, approve thereof, he shall signify his approbation by signing the same.
Page 636 - Whenever the chair of the governor shall be vacant, by reason of his death, or absence from the commonwealth, or otherwise, the lieutenant-governor, for the time being, shall, during such vacancy, perform all the duties incumbent upon the governor, and shall have and exercise all the powers and authorities, which by this constitution tbe governor is vested with, when personally present.
Page 217 - The owner or occupant of land is liable in damages to those coming to it, using due care, at his invitation or inducement, express or implied, on any business to be transacted with or permitted by him, for an injury occasioned by the unsafe condition of the land or of the access to it, which is known to him and not to them, and which, he has negligently suffered to exist and has given them no notice of.
Page 376 - ... although the same is then attached on mesne process as the property of the debtor, and shall dissolve any such attachment made within four months next preceding the commencement of said proceedings...
Page 284 - But though the heir has a property in the monuments and escutcheons of his ancestors, yet he has none in their bodies or ashes ; nor can he bring any civil action against such as indecently at least, if not impiously, violate and disturb their remains, when dead and buried. The parson, indeed, who has the freehold of the soil, may bring an action of trespass against such as dig and disturb it...
Page 88 - One point, however, is beyond dispute," said Lord Cranworth, in Boyse v. Rossborough, 6 HLC at p. 49, "and that is, that where once it has been proved that a will has been executed with due solemnities by a person of competent understanding, and apparently a free agent, the burden of proving that it was executed under undue influence is on the party who alleges it. Undue influence cannot be presumed.
Page 273 - States, which declares that full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the judicial proceedings of every other state...
Page 636 - But in all such cases the votes of both houses shall be determined by yeas and nays ; and the names of the persons voting for, or against, the said bill or resolve, shall be entered upon the public records of the Commonwealth.

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