Functional Properties of Bio-inspired Surfaces: Characterization and Technological Applications

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World Scientific, 2009 - Biological interfaces - 387 pages
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Many good books have been written recently on this new field called biomimetics or bionics, but few exploring simultaneously the characterization and technological processes to produce man-made surfaces with similar properties as the biological ones. Bio-inspired surface structures offer significant commercial potential for the creation of antireflective, self-cleaning and drag reducing surfaces, as well as new types of adhesive systems. This review volume explores how the current knowledge of the biological structures occurring on the surface of moth eyes, leaves, sharkskin, and the feet of reptiles can be transferred to functional technological materials. It analyses how such surfaces can be described and characterized using microscopic techniques and thus reproduced. It also encompasses the important areas of current surface replication techniques and the associated acquisition of good master structures. The book is divided in three sections: an introduction of the skin functions and four functional properties of biological surfaces; physical, chemical and microscopy techniques for describing and characterizing the surfaces; and replication techniques for modifying non-natural surfaces. Sample Chapter(s). Chapter 1: Biomimetics of Skins (1,776 KB). Contents: Biomimetics of Skins (J F V Vincent); The Shark Skin Effect (A W Lang); Lotus Effect: Superhydrophobicity and Self-Cleaning (M Nosonovsky & E Bormashenko); The Moth-Eye Effect OCo From Fundamentals to Commercial Exploitation (A Gombert & B Blnsi); The Gecko Effect: Design Principles of the Gekkotan Adhesive System Across Scales of Organization (A P Russel & M K Johnson); Micro- and Nano-Scopic Observation of Biological Surfaces (Z-J Zhang & Q Ren); RIMAPS and Variogram Characterization of Micro-Nano Topography (N O Fuentes & E A Favret); Capillary Phenomena (G Callegari & A Calvo); Chemical Characterization of Biological and Technological Surfaces (P Kruse); Laser Interference Metallurgy (F Mcklich & A F Lasagni); Electrodeposition OCo Fundamental Aspects and Methods (S R Brankovic); Surface Modification by Plasma-Based Processes (E De Las Heras et al.). Readership: Academics and professionals in biomimetism and materials science."

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I Functional Properties of Biological Surfaces
II Characterization of Surfaces
III Methods for Modifying ManMade Surfaces

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