An Exile from London: A Novel

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Home Publishing Company, 1896 - American fiction - 336 pages
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Page 82 - ... night ; Which, when the burthened air is spent, Bequeaths to memory its delight ; Or, like the sudden April bow That spans the violet-waking rain : She bade those blessed flowers to grow Which may not fall or fade again. Far sweeter than all things most sweet, And fairer than nil things most fair, She came and passed with footsteps fleet, A shining wonder in the air.
Page 8 - Breslau, Vienna, and Budapest, yea, even from Warsaw and Cracow, to aid in distributing all profitably sold articles of use or ornament over that broad zone of the United States, now tributary to the Blums and their international tribesmen.
Page 51 - I can depend on Blum Brothers keeping faith with each other. They reserve their lies for Christians and their customers...
Page 9 - Christians at a great profit, was only equaled by his aplomb in joining the Episcopal Church " in order to grow up with the country," and advance the moral interests of Blum Brothers.
Page 56 - Christian Brothers" could match the daring Israelite, and often "go him one better
Page 10 - An eltve of the public schools, gliding, eel-like, through Columbia College, and then fastening, leech-like, upon a " confidential practice," Moses Dalman was already a rich man, while yet on the sunny side of forty.
Page 142 - Betrayed by the land, that bore us, betrayed by the land we find, all the best have gone before us, there are only the dulls left behind.
Page 8 - York wholesaler, and now, he was the proud head of a chain of aggregated Blums, with their tentacles firmly fixed on the effluent and refluent trade of New York, New Orleans, Fort Worth, Texas; El Paso, and that pearl of country cities, Tucson, Arizona.
Page 9 - Morris was the head and front of the "dollar-snatching movement" in southern Arizona, and the spacious halls over Blum Brothers' " Palatial Golden Rule Bazaar " were the headquarters of all the various local societies of Tucson.
Page 37 - operator" was visibly perspiring in that inner Semitic excitement which always tells of precious " gelt

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