Investigation of the Trade Practices of Big Scale Retail and Wholesale Buying and Selling Organizations: Hearings Before the Special Committee on Investigation American Retail Federation, House of Representatives, Seventy-fourth Congress, First Session, Volumes 1-4

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Page 50 - There is a question in my mind as to whether or not you could not get people at smaller salaries to do some of the work.
Page 36 - AFTER RECESS (The committee reassembled, pursuant to the taking of recess, at 2 pm).
Page 58 - persuasion" may be necessary in order to induce Mr. Brandt to "go to bat" for the chain stores in Minnesota, although it seems obvious that chains are among the very best customers of farmer cooperatives in that .State.
Page 102 - States where contingent fee arrangements were lawful. He saw nothing unethical in it. The following extract from the record, revealing a phase of legislative strategy sometimes used in desperate cases, speaks for itself: THE CHAIRMAN. Have you not had correspondence with your lawyers in which you have said, "If we cannot stop this bill we will have it so amended so it will be unconstitutional"?
Page 52 - ... Street." Patman reported to the House in July, 1935, how these chains independently and through the Food and Grocery Chain Stores Association and the American Retail Federation influenced newspapers and legislators throughout the country. "If the chain stores should come together," Patman 122 observed, "they could absolutely control the editorial policy, or at least indirectly have something to do with the editorial policies of all the newspapers in the country.
Page 116 - I wish to inform you that I have sent my Adjutant-General to Washington to confer with the authorities there, and to have this Draft suspended and stopped. [Vociferous cheers.} I now ask you, as good citizens, to wait for his return; and I assure you that I will do all that I can to see that there is no inequality, and no wrong done any one.
Page 52 - Chain stores because of their very considerable contribution to local newspapers in the way of advertising should be able to obtain very generous support in the way of news items from such papers, not only in a general news manner, but in definite opposition to discriminatory legislation as such. In some states newspapers have co-operated very effectively in this manner.
Page 43 - Senator OVERTON. I think we have the idea, and we are way behind in our schedule now. Mr. BASS. I will be very glad to leave this with the committee. Senator OVERTON. We will be very glad to have it printed in the record, and it can be read by the members of the committee. (The statement referred to is as follows:) PURCHASE OP A SITE FOR CONSTRUCTION OF AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BUILDING IN VICINITY OF ALABAMA AND PENNSYLVANIA AVENUES SE.
Page 23 - STORES, CASH GROCERS, Yakima, Wash., October 22, 1934. Mr. JOHN A. LOGAN, Executive vice "president Food & Grocery Chain Stores of America, 809 National Press Building, Washington, DC DEAR MR. LOGAN. We have noticed your recent bulletins referring to contemplated legislation in the various States. The legislature for this State begins its session on the first Tuesday in January, next year. In spite of the fact that the last chain-store legislation passed in this State was vetoed by the Governor and...

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