Clerical and parochial records of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, Volume 3

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Page 75 - Things Divine and Supernatural Conceived by Analogy with Things Natural and Human (1733) he asserts that knowledge of God's essence and attributes can bo only " analogical
Page 107 - He was consecrated at Christ Church, Dublin, by the archbishop of Dublin, assisted by the bishops of...
Page 117 - If you put this question to me as a minister, I must, and can assure you, that the money shall most undoubtedly be paid as soon as suits with public convenience ; but if you ask me as a friend, whether Dean Berkeley should continue in America, expecting the payment of 20,000, 1 advise him by all means to return home to Europe, and to give up his present expectations.
Page 116 - Majesty was further pleased to grant a charter for erecting^ a college, by the name of St. Paul's College, in Bermuda, to consist of a president and nine fellows, who were obliged to maintain and educate Indian scholars at the rate of 10/. per annum for each.
Page 122 - Dublin by the archbishop of Dublin, assisted by the bishops of Kildare and Down ; and at the same time Hugh Goodacre, a particular friend of our Author, was consecrated archbishop of Armagh.
Page 66 - He published also a Greek and a Latin grammar, the latter often reprinted ; and a translation of the tenth satire of Juvenal, in Pindaric verse, " by a person sometime fellow of Trinity college, Dublin," but his name is signed to the dedication.
Page 77 - A Journal from Grand Cairo to Mount Sinai and back again, translated from a manuscript written by the Prefetto of Egypt, in company with some missionaries de propaganda fide, at Grand Cairo: To which are added, Remarks on the Origin of Hieroglyphics, and the Mythology of the ancient Heathens.
Page 267 - Not a drum was heard, nor a funeral note, As his corpse to the ramparts we hurried; Not a soldier discharged his farewell shot, O'er the grave where our hero we buried. — Burial of Sir John Moore.
Page 65 - Of Gifts and Offices in the public worship of God," ibid, and Dublin, 1678, 8vo. 4. " The Protestant Peacemaker," ibid. 1682, 4to, with a postscript, and notes on Mr. Baxter's, and some other late writings for peace. Baxter answered what related to himself in this postscript. 5. " A judgment of the Comet, which became first generally visible at Dublin, Dec. 13, 1680,
Page 62 - He continued during the remainder of the usurpation to use the Common Prayer in all the public offices of his Ministry, notwithstanding the severe Injunctions of the Commissioners of the English Parliament against it. Several Complaints were made of his contempt of the order of the Government.

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