Annual Report, Volumes 19-23

Front Cover
37th report, 1889, has atlas of plates (35 cm.) illustrating new building.

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Page 87 - I have had the pleasure to have with you. I believe him an honest man, and, after consulting some of our common friends, I have thought him the fittest for the purpose.
Page 87 - He is fully apprized of my mind, and you may give full credit to every thing he assures you of. At the same time, if any other channel occurs to you, I am ready to embrace it. I wish to retain the same simplicity and good faith, which subsisted between us in transactions of less importance.
Page 12 - Pickwick and Nickleby, Bentley's Magazine, (tc. &c. These completely satisfy all the intellectual appetite of a boy, which is rarely very voracious, and leave him totally palled, not only for his regular work, which I could well excuse in comparison, but for good literature of all sorts, even for History and for Poetry.
Page 11 - Childishness in boys, even of good abilities, seems to me to be a growing fault, and I do not know to what to ascribe it, except to the great number of exciting books of amusement, like Pickwick and Nickleby, Bentley's Magazine, &c., &c.
Page 87 - I did then, and afterwards, in 1767, upon the means of promoting the happiness of mankind, a subject much more agreeable to my nature than the best concerted plans for spreading misery and devastation. I have had a high opinion of the compass of your mind, and of your foresight. I have often been beholden to both, and shall be glad to be so again, as far as is compatible with your situation.
Page 84 - Surety does hereby waive notice of any such extension. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Principal and the Surety have hereunto set their hands and seals, and such of them as are corporations have caused their corporate seals to be hereto affixed and these presents to be signed by their proper officers, the day and year first set forth above.
Page 90 - Trustees in such a manner as they may deem for the best interests of the library. Invested in City of Boston Four per cent. Bonds for . . $6,550 00 Invested in City of Boston Three and one-half per
Page 17 - ... and women's lives, responsible for an immense amount of the mental disease and moral irregularities which are so troublesome an element in modern society — and this is the kind of reading to which multitudes naturally take, which it is not the business of the town library to supply...
Page 89 - I give, devise and bequeath to my executors hereinafter named, to have and to hold the same in trust for the uses and purposes following : To sell and dispose of the same and apply the proceeds as follows :
Page 17 - Notwithstanding many popular notions to the contrary, it is not part of the duty of a municipality to raise taxes for the amusement of the people, unless the amusement is tolerably sure to be conducive to the higher ends of good citizenship.

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