Catalogue of the Birds in the Museum Asiatic Society

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J. Thomas, 1849 - Ornithology - 403 pages
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Page 12 - Common in India, many adults remaining in Lower Bengal during the cold season, and especially frequenting the vicinity of...
Page 295 - ... is Eleanor to do if you throw away your income ?" A hot tear stood in each of the warden's eyes as he looked round upon his married daughter. Why should one sister who was so rich predict poverty for another ? some such idea as this was on his mind, but he gave no utterance to it. Then he thought of the pelican feeding its young with blood from its own breast, but he gave no utterance to that either ; and then of Eleanor waiting for him at home, waiting to congratulate him on the end of all his...
Page 140 - Esq. differs from Dr. sylvatica in its darker shade of colour above, and larger and stronger bill and legs, which last appear to have been of a deep reddish brown colour : the flanks and sides of the breast are duskyish.
Page 31 - Warmer regions of Europe, Asia, and Africa : abundant on the plains of India ; rare and accidental below the tideway of the rivers in Lower Bengal. A summer visitant in Afghanistan.
Page 19 - HAB. Plains of India, where very abundant : never met with on the mud-soil of Lower Bengal, though appearing immediately this is quitted in a westerly direction : Tenasserim provinces ; Malayan peninlula?
Page 44 - Nepal ; generally replaced in S. India and Ceylon, as likewise in the Deyra Doon, by the next, though obtained by Mr. Jerdon in the Neilgherries."— (Blyth, Catal. p. 46.) " Common in the winter months about Calcutta.
Page 4 - Kdjal, applied to the eye-brows ; alluding to the black loral line), the black-billed bird, Hind.
Page 13 - there goes' or rushes), H. ; Allap Allap Gingeng, Jav. (Horsfield). HAB. Himalaya, Java, Philippines : visiting the plains of Lower Bengal in the cold season, where somewhat rare. 22. F. SUBBUTEO (Gould's BE pi.
Page 323 - Frequents bushy places, and, like its genus, seen in small * " These are identical ; the birds acquiring blue-grey feathers on the head at the vernal moult, which change afterwards to black. The name B. viridis musi be retained for the species.
Page xxvi - Crest simple, broad, 2}in. long, the feathers composing it white-tipped, as are also those adjacent. Lower parts white, with dark central streaks or tears on the breast and flanks : under tail-coverts broadly banded.

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