Wentworth's Primary Arithmetic

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Ginn, 1890 - Arithmetic - 220 pages
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Page 109 - Jennie bought four yards of calico at ten cents a yard. How much did she pay for the calico ? James bought five pounds of sugar at ten cents a pound. How much did he pay for the sugar ? There are eight rows of trees in an orchard, and ten trees in each row. How many trees are there in the orchard
Page 193 - miles apart, and are travelling toward each other, one at the rate of 5 miles an hour, and the other at 3 miles an hour. In how many hours will they meet
Page 133 - Count by twos to twenty-eight. Count by threes to twenty-seven. Count by fours to twenty-eight. Count by fives to twenty-five. Count by sixes to twenty-four. Count by sevens to twenty-eight. Count by eights to twenty-four. Count by nines to twenty-seven. Count by tens to one hundred. How many dozen bananas and what part of a dozen are in a bunch of
Page 209 - If I use 18 sheets from a quire of paper, what part of the whole do I use ? What per cent of the whole ? If a man sells a load of wood for $16 which cost him $12, what per cent of the cost is the gain
Page 193 - days by working 12 hours a day. How many days will be required if he works only 8 hours a day ? A man can do a piece of work in 15 days by working 8 hours a day.
Page 192 - A man has 4 baskets, each containing 24 apples. If he sells them at $0.05 a dozen, what will he receive ? A man had 96 books. He sold 84 books. What part of the whole number had he left. A man shipped eight dozen boxes of oranges from Florida. When the oranges arrived,
Page 193 - If a cord of wood is worth $6, and 10 cords of wood are given for 12 thousand shingles, how much are the shingles a thousand? A man bought an equal number of pigs and sheep for
Page 193 - a yard, and 23 yards of cotton cloth at $0.10 a yard. How much change did she receive out of a ten-dollar bill ? A man can do a piece of work in 8 days by working
Page 181 - you and I are 20 rods apart, and you gain upon me 2 rods every minute, how long before you will overtake me ? If I can walk 20 rods in a minute, how far shall I walk while you are catching up to me ? How far will you walk
Page 8 - the span did he have ? There were five peas in a pod. When the pod was opened, one flew up in the air and one fell on the floor; the rest went into the pan.

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