Studies in Sacred Theology, Issue 11

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Page 277 - No doubt, such teachings smack of the doctrines of Purgatory and of the Communion of Saints. Would it be licit, then, to add to our present notions of these doctrines as presented by the teaching authority of the Church those supplied by Spiritism which do not contradict the former? The answer is very obvious since additional knowledge of such and similar kind could be obtained only by means of a new Revelation, which we have shown not to be furnished by means of mediumistic communications. It would...
Page 70 - I have felt them on my own shoulder and under my own hands. I have heard them on a sheet of paper, held between the fingers by a piece of thread passed through one corner.
Page 70 - Fox it seems only necessary for her to place her hand on any substance for loud thuds to be heard in it, like a triple pulsation, sometimes loud enough to be heard several rooms off. In this manner I have heard them in a living tree, on a sheet of glass, on a stretched iron wire, on a stretched membrane, a tambourine, on the roof of a cab, and on the floor of a theater.
Page 149 - Mr. Home again went to the fire, and after stirring the hot coal about with his hand, took out a red-hot piece nearly as big as an orange, and putting it on his right hand, covered it over with his left hand, so as to almost completely enclose it, and then blew into the small furnace thus extemporised until the lump of charcoal was nearly white-hot, and then drew my attention to the lambent flame which was flickering over the coal and licking round his fingers...
Page 74 - ... until the lump of charcoal was nearly white-hot, and then drew my attention to the lambent flame which was flickering over the coal and licking round his fingers; he fell on his knees, looked up in a reverent manner, held up the coal in front, and said, ' Is not God good? Are not his laws wonderful?
Page 180 - Holding one of Miss Cook's hands in mine, and still kneeling, I passed the lamp up and down so as to illuminate Katie's whole figure, and satisfy myself thoroughly that I was really looking at the veritable Katie whom I had clasped in my arms...
Page 255 - Spiritism in England" in the Bookman Jan., 1918, p. 517: '"The situation may be summed up in a simple alternative,' said Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in going over the subject with me. 'The one supposition is that there has been an outbreak of lunacy extending over two generations of mankind on two continents — a lunacy that assails men and women of character and intellect who are otherwise eminently sane. The alternative supposition is that the world is now confronted with a new revelation from divine...
Page 69 - raps " conveys a very erroneous impression of this class of phenomena. At different times, during my experiments, I have heard delicate ticks, as with the point of a pin ; a cascade of sharp sounds as from an induction coil in full work ; detonations in the air ; sharp metallic taps ; a cracking like that heard when a frictional machine is at work ; sounds like scratching; the twittering as of a bird, &c.
Page 64 - On one occasion I witnessed a chair, with a lady sitting on it, rise several inches from the ground. On another occasion, to avoid the suspicion of this being in some way performed by herself, the lady knelt on the chair in such manner that its four feet were visible to us. It then rose about three inches, remained suspended for about ten seconds, and then slowly descended.
Page 144 - ... purpose of anticipating some critical remarks which are likely to be made, that in the afternoon I called for Mr. Home at his apartments, and when there he suggested that as he had to change his dress, perhaps I should not object to continue our conversation in his bedroom. I am, therefore, enabled to state positively, that no machinery, apparatus, or contrivance of any sort was secreted about his person.

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