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I was a TA for Professor Robert Audi. Our textbook was An Introduction to LOGIC and SCIENTIFIC METHOD by Morris R. Cohen and Ernest Nagel. The subject matter was nearly identical to THINKING STRAIT. Audi and Flew both emphasized that equivocation is the killer fallacy! Personally I love the "True Scotsman" and Flew's other insightful illustrations of semantic issues. "I was just stocking up before the hoarders got everything." It is actually simple to prove that God exist! It is extremely reasonable to accept that God is "what makes human life possible." We exist, therefor there is a God! Now, if She asks why you like FAITH when She gave you REASON, what will you say?
Logicians must always consider all possibilities!
If an Oxford Professor like Antony Flew says "precisification" then I say it is a great word for CLARIFICATION, REASONING, UNDERSTANDING, EDUCATION, and COMMUNICATION. Like Flew says, "Figure it out." This means you must always get the right edition to find the word "precisification." The thought coach says that precise clarification is good for focus. Also, "Write and reword as required."
Thomas Ulatowski

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