Logarithmologia: Of The Whole Doctrine of Logarithms, Common and Logistical, in Theory and Practice

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J. Hodges, 1740 - Logarithms - 62 pages
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Page 245 - A Philosophical Account of the Works of Nature. Endeavouring to set forth the several gradations remarkable in the mineral, vegetable, and animal parts of the creation.
Page 2 - Converfations, wherein the wonderful Works of Providence, in the animal, vegetable, and mineral Creation, are laid open, in four Pocket Volumes ; in which are interfperled, a great Variety of ufeful and explanatory Cuts.
Page 67 - Sum of two Tangents to their Difference, is the fame as that of the Sine of the Sum of the Arches, to the Sine of their Difference. Wherefore, if S be put for the Sine Complement of the middle Latitude, and s for the Sine of half the Difference of Latitudes, the fame Series will be — into -Ķa S Ч r- + — — Ч ;r% -г- — 7TS...
Page 113 - Rule. Multiply the Logarithm of the given number by the Index of the proposed power, and the product will be the Logarithm, whose natural number is the power required.
Page 2 - Trowell, Samuel. A new treatise of husbandry, gardening, and other curious matters relating to country affairs; containing, a plain and practical method of improving all sorts of meadow pasture and arable land, &c. To which are added, several letters to Thomas Liveings, concerning his compound manure for land, with some practical observations thereon. 12°. pp. viii, 164. London, 1739. and Ellis, William. The farmers
Page iii - I find very few of thofe who make confiant ufe' of logarithms, to have attained an adequate notion of them, to know how to make or examine them, or to underftand the extent of the ufe of them; contenting themfelves with the tables of them, as they find them, without daring to queftion them, or caring to know how to reclify them, ihould they be found amifs ; being, I fuppofe, under the apprehenfion of fome great difficulty therein.
Page iii - Nef air ; and our worthy Country-Man, Mr. Briggs. But notwithftanding all their Endeavours, I find very few of thofe, who make confiant Ufe of Logarithms, to have attained an Adequate Notion of them ; to know how to Make or Examine them, or to underftand the Extent of the Ufe of them : Contenting themfelves with the Tables of them, as they find them, without daring to Queftion them, or caring to know how to Reoifie them, fliould they be found amils ; being, I fuppofe, under the Apprehenfion of fome...
Page 65 - Logarithm is 10. 45372511710718325204, 8cc. and under that angle is the Meridian interfered by that Rhumb Line,on which the differences of Napier's Logarithm Tangents of the half Complements Of the Latitudes are the true differences of Longitude, eftimated in minutes and parts, taking the firft Four Figures for Integers. But for Vl*c<f$ Tables, we rauft fay. As .2302585, &c. to 2908882, &c. So Radius to 1,25331143874244559212, &c. which is the Tangent of 5 T 38' 9", and its Logarithm 10,101 510428507720941...
Page 3 - But where there are two media, the sum of the extremes will be equal to the sum of the means.
Page 65 - Now, the momentary augment or fluxion of the Tangent Line at 45 degrees, is exactly double to the fluxion of the arch of the Circle, (as may eafily be proved,) and the Tangent of 45 being equal to Radius, the fluxion...

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