The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, and Other Sketches

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George Routledge and Sons, 1867 - Humorous stories, American - 187 pages
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Page 39 - The Assyrian came down, like a wolf on the fold, And his cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold; And the sheen of his spears shone like stars on the sea
Page 16 - straight up, and snake a fly off n the counter there, and flop down on the floor again as solid as a gob of mud, and fall to scratching the side of his head with his hind foot as indifferent as if he hadn't no idea he'd
Page 19 - smiley he stood scratching his head and looking down at Dan'la long time, and at last he says, " I do wonder what in the nation that frog throw'd off for—I wonder if there an't something the matter with him—he 'pears to look mighty baggy, somehow.
Page 12 - better—thank the Lord for his inf'nit mercy—and coming on so smart that, with the blessing of Prov'dence, she'd get -well yet; and Smiley, before he thought, says, " Well, I'll risk two-and-a-half that she don't, anyway." Thish-yer Smiley had a mare—the boys called her the fifteen-minute nag, but that
Page 14 - in a fight, and then he limped off a piece and laid down and died. It was a good pup, was that Andrew Jackson, and would have made a name for hisself if he'd lived, for the stuff was in him, and
Page 16 - doin' any more'n any frog might do. You never see a frog so modest and straightfor'ard as he was, for all he was so gifted. And when it come to fair and square jumping on a dead level,
Page 19 - gone a second." But, by your leave, I did not think that a continuation of the history of the enterprising vagabond Jim Smiley would be likely to afford me much information concerning the Rev. Leonidas W. Smiley, and so I started away. At the door I met the sociable Wheeler returning, and he button-holed me and recommenced :
Page 10 - of winning gentleness and simplicity upon his tranquil countenance. He roused up and gave me good-day. I told him a friend of mine had commissioned me to make some inquiries about a cherished companion of his boyhood named
Page 10 - W. Smiley—Rev. Leonidas W. Smiley—a young minister of the Gospel, who he had heard was at one time a resident of Angel's Camp. I added that, if Mr. Wheeler could tell me anything about this Rev. Leonidas W. Smiley, I would feel under many obligations to him. Simon Wheeler backed me into a corner and blockaded me there with his chair, and then sat
Page 11 - 50—I don't recollect exactly, somehow, though what makes me think it was one or the other is because I remember the big flume wasn't finished when he first

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