Medical jurisprudence, Volume 2

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W. Phillips, 1823 - Law
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Page 105 - What punishment can human laws inflict on one who has withdrawn himself from their reach ? They can only act upon what he has left behind him, his reputation and fortune ; on the former by an ignominious burial in the highway, with a stake driven through his body...
Page 173 - ... spongy, and granulated, and without distinct blood-vessels, opaque, and thick, while the other will appear smooth, thin, and more transparent, and the vessels will be seen ramifying in its...
Page 138 - Whether the Indians can so prepare that stupefying herb, Datura, that they make it lie several days, months, years, according as they will have it, in a man's body without doing him any hurt, and at the end kill him without missing half an hour's time...
Page 194 - As far as my experience goes, which is not a very confined one, because I have poisoned some thousands of animals, they are very nearly the same ; opium, for instance, will poison a dog similar to a man ; arsenic will have very near the same effect upon a dog as it would have, I take for granted, upon a man.
Page 11 - Paris says, however slow and feeble respiration may become by disease, yet it must always be perceptible, provided the naked breast and belly be exposed ; for when the intercostal muscles act, the ribs are elevated, and the sternum is pushed forward : when the diaphragm acts, the abdomen swells, now this can never escape the attentive eye ; and by looking at the chest and belly, we shall form a safer conclusion, than by the popular methods which have been usually adopted.
Page 431 - With juice of cursed hebenon in a vial, And in the porches of mine ears did pour The leperous distilment; whose effect Holds such an enmity with blood of man, That, swift as quicksilver, it courses through The natural gates and alleys of the body ; And, with a sudden vigour, it doth posset And curd, like eager droppings into milk, The thin and wholesome blood...
Page 105 - ... that the very act of suicide is an evidence of insanity; as if every man, who acts contrary to reason, had no reason at all: for the same argument would prove every other criminal non compos, as well as the self-murderer.
Page 169 - ... stitched up the abdomen, and laid the body aside in a cold situation for two days. Then I opened it again, in presence of the same gentlemen, and we found that now the liver, where it lay over the dissolved part of the stomach, was pulpy; its peritoneal coat was completely dissolved, and its substance was tender to a considerable depth- At this time the other parts of the liver were equally solid as before ; and as yet every part of the subject was free from putrefaction. The posterior face of...