Constantine the African and ʻAlī Ibn Al-ʻAbbās Al-Maǧūsī: The Pantegni and Related Texts

Charles S. F. Burnett, Danielle Jacquart
BRILL, 1994 - 364 páginas
When the tenth-century "K?mil as-sin?'a" (or "al-Kit?b al-malak?") of 'Al? ibn al-'Abb's al-Ma s? was adapted for a Latin-reading audience by Constantine the African in the late eleventh century, the medieval West had, for the first time, the opportunity to use a text which covered the whole of medicine. But the 100-odd extant manuscripts suggest that Contantine's "Pantegni" was put together over a considerable period of time, and chapters from other Latin and newly-translated Arabic medical works were added to or substituted those of the "K?mil," This book is the first to be devoted to Constantine the African: it sheds light on the School of Salerno and the formation of a medical corpus in the High Middle Ages.

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new elements
Les manuscrits du Kāmil assinăa a la Bibliothèque
The JudaeoArabic and Hebrew versions of
Constantines pseudoClassical terminology and its survival
The chapter on the spirits in the Pantegni of Constantine
The recreation of Pantegni Practica book VIII
Ali ibn alAbbās alMagüsi and Constantine on love
Ibn alGazzārs Risâla finnisyán and Constantines
Le De elephancia de Constantin lAfricain et
The influence of the Pantegni on William of Conchess
The fortune of Constantines Pantegni
Manuscripts of the Kāmil assinăa
A catalogue of Renaissance editions and manuscripts of
Index of names works places and general medical topics
Index of manuscripts
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Sobre el autor (1994)

Charles Burnett, Ph.D. (Cambridge, 1976), Lecturer in the history of Arabic/Islamic influence in Europe in the Middle Ages at the Warburg Institute, University of London, has written over fifty articles on the transmission of Arabic learning and medieval European culture. His books include an edition of Hermann of Carinthia's "De essentiis" (Brill, 1982) and a collection of essays on Adelard of Bath (Warburg Institute, 1987). Danielle Jacquart is Professor at the Ecole pratique des Hautes Etudes (Paris, Sorbonne), where she holds the chair of "Histoire des sciences au Moyen Age." Her publications deal with medieval medicine and Arabo-Latin translations. She has published: "La medicine arabe et l'Occident medieval" (Maisonneuve-et-Larose, 1989).

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