Page's Engineering Weekly, Volume 5

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Page Publishing Syndicate, Limited., 1904 - Engineering
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Page 64 - as used in the title as well as In the various sections of this act shall be construed to mean the United States and any waters, territory, or other place subject to the jurisdiction thereof, except the Isthmian Canal Zone...
Page 191 - GAS-WORKS, THEIR CONSTRUCTION AND ARRANGEMENT', and the Manufacture and Distribution of Coal Gas. Originally written by SAMUEL HUGHES, CE, Re-written and enlarged by WILLIAM RICHARDS, CE, Seventh Edition, with important additions.
Page 240 - ... possibly be adopted in the future. It must be borne in mind that in each of the cases mentioned by Sir William Garstin the financial, and in most cases the engineering, features of the particular proposals require further study. The figures must, therefore, only be regarded as very approximative. I have no hesitation in saying that Sir William Garstin's programme may safely be adopted in the following sense — that the aim of the Egyptian Government should be to work gradually up to the execution...
Page 279 - A preferential tariff, lower than the general tariff, for those of our Colonies which give adequate preference to British manufactures, and framed with a view to securing freer trade within the British Empire...
Page 238 - The great weakness of this projected lake has lain in the fact that by itself it can give a plentiful discharge in April and May, less in June, and very little in July, and it was for this reason that in my report of 1894 to the Egyptian Government I had reluctantly to recommend that it be not carried out. But when the Assouan Reservoir is capable of supplying two milliards of cubic metres of water it will be possible to utilise the Mœris lake to its utmost capacity.
Page 35 - ... Neither did the shape or angle supply a clue to the causes of success and failure in the various trials with different tools. "On the other hand, the necessary reconsideration of the design of lathes for the rapid and heavy cutting rendered possible by the new steels introduced by Taylor and White, and now everywhere adopted, calls for a thorough and systematic investigation of the forces acting upon a cutting tool. If a standard area of cut can be agreed upon for the various sizes of lathe,...
Page 62 - A cheap and simple device, which might be carried in one's pocket, may then be set up somewhere on sea or land, and it will record the world's news or such special messages as may be intended for it. Thus the entire earth will be converted into a huge brain, as it were, capable of response in every one of its parts.
Page 214 - It produces silver, copper and coal in commercial quantities and its recently discovered tin and petroleum promise to become important products. Concurrent with the gradual development of this wealth, the mining public has ceased to regard the territory simply as an arctic province where a few placer-miners struggle with adverse conditions to secure a grub-stake or a modest fortune.
Page 62 - One of its chief uses will be the illumination of isolated homes. It takes very little power to light a dwelling with vacuum tubes operated by high-frequency currents and in each instance a terminal a little above the roof will be sufficient. Another valuable application will be the driving of clocks and other such apparatus. These clocks will be exceedingly simple, will require absolutely no attention and will indicate rigorously correct time.
Page 259 - Methods, in order by joint action to convince the people, by means of publications and meetings, of the necessity of applying the methods of science to all branches of human endeavour, and thus to further the progress and increase the welfare of the Empire. 2. To bring before the Government the scientific aspects of all matters affecting the national welfare.

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