Portrait of Oxford

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PORTRAIT OF OXFORD By J. G, Sinclair Novels EASINGDEN 1926 LOVE IN EASINGDEN 1928 THE RETURN OF THE REBEL 1929 NO PLACE LIKE HOME 1931 Satires MAMMON 1926 TRUSTED LEADERS 1927 Impressionist PORTRAIT OF OXFORD 1931 Mr Sinclair has also in preparation the following works PORTRAIT OF AN AUTHOR A novel THE VERINGER FAMILY A novel AT CLOSE RANGE Portraits of certain eminent leaders in politics and literature. Portrait of Oxford By J. G. SINCLAIR VERACITY PRESS STURRY KENT I brought back with me certain memories of which, if I were not at the end of my space, I should attempt a discreet adumbration memories of a fete champetre in the beautiful gardens of one or the other colleges charming lawns and spreading trees, music of Grenadier Guards, ices in striped marquees, mild flirtation of youthful gownsmen and bemuslined maidens memories, too, of quiet dinner in common room, a decorous, excellent repast old portraits on the walls and great windows open upon the ancient court, wfyere the afternoon light was fading in the stillness superior talk upon current topics, and over all the peculiar air of Oxford. HENKY JAMES English Hours. Eight men out of ten regard their time at the university as an interlude. ... So they will go on frequenting places of amusement because this is to take the line of least resist ance. It is less effort than to seek amusement in their own society. . . . Oxford and Cambridge will be unable to equip men for participation in the new society and the more surely the new society develops, the more obviously unsuitable will they appear. JULIAN HALL Sometime Scholar of Balliol College, Oxford. Any one who has passed through the regular gradations of a classical education, and is not made a fool by it, may consider himself as having had a very narrow escape. HAZLITT. 1 Alma Mater or the Future of Oxford and Cambridge. 8 The men I was with at Oxford. ... I see the positions they have now obtained. One has great wealth another has achieved great notoriety two or three are in gaol, many are dead, and the rest are unknown. . . . HILAIRE BELLOC. An undergraduate and an undergraduette told me recently they were up here to have a good time, and were only doing the minimum of work which would prevent them from being sent down. ... DR W. B. SELBIE, Principal, Manchester College, Oxford. A University man, by being at a Uni versity, sustains the very greatest damage to his intellect. He comes out almost incapable of original thought. G. BERNARD SHAW. . . . pleasant, easy-going, evasive young men, up to nothing in particular and schooled out of faith, passion or ambition. H. G. WELLS. 9 PRINCIPALLY PERSONAL ACCEPTING THE INEVITABLE I am against hasty publication. The major part of PORTRAIT OF OXFORD was written in the years 1926 7 but, of course, I had begun a close study of my data some years earlier. I say of course, because it will at once be apparent to the reader that so much unpublished fact could not have been assembled without intimate and industrious research, founded on unabating fidelity to the cause at heart. In an old diary, under the date, January 27th, 19, I find an entry which reads Union debate. . . . Much sound signifying nothing. That impression, much more matured in Chapter XIV of the present work, has a certain personal chronological interest for at the moment when I made the above entry I had not the tiniest intuition that afterwards to me would fall the duty of writing PORTRAIT OF OXFORD. But the profound Professor himself, Herr Einstein, has declared that everything is determined from the Beginning thus, ipso facto, PORTRAIT OF OXFORD appears in the inevitable evolution of the Determined AIL LOVE IN EQUILIBRIUM None should write of Oxford whose impulse so to serve does not originate in love. But love lacking equipoise is a perilous power It must be 11 PORTRAIT OF OXFORD rid of all ebriated elements if it is faithfully to serve such inspired, rather than self-imposed, tasks as are herein performed...

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