The mysteries of Paris, tr. without abridgement. Roscoe's libr. ed

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Page 6 - What a glorious dish ! It is a regular omnibus ; there is something in it to everybody's taste. Those who like fat can have it ; so can they who like lean ; as well as those who prefer sugar, and those who choose pepper. There's tender bits of chicken, biscuit, sausage, tarts, muttonbones, pastry crust, fried fish, vegetables, woodcock's heads, cheese, and salad. Come, eat, Goualeuse, eat ; it is so capital ! You have been to a wedding breakfast somewhere this morning." " No more than on other mornings....
Page 5 - ... complicated six-volume novel; originally serialized, it contains scores of main characters and countless minor ones. The main character is the aristocrat Rodolph, Grand Duke of Gerolstein, who at thirty-six, is a physically powerful, yet graceful man of astonishing vigor. He is a man of meditation as well as action "whose physical strength and presence of mind would always command an ascendancy over the multitude.
Page 190 - I went to the woods, and, being wearied, lay down and slept. I do not know how long I slept ; but, when I awoke, it was about noon. I was again lost, and did not know where to go. I wandered about in the woods, hunting for my way, and, finally, as the evening star appeared, I found my way, and took an eastern course, until I came to a creek again.
Page 184 - Anastasie, clasping her hands. " Cabrion ! " replied Pipelet, in a hollow tone. " His hideous face was there, close to the window, looking at me with his cat's eyes — what do I say ? — tiger's eyes ! — just as in my dream. I tried to speak, but my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth ; I...
Page 146 - Oh, yes! I went out with Mamma," as though it had been the most natural thing in the world, and not the greatest possible misfortune for some one else.
Page 263 - I have paid my rent in advance ; I beg you to give a small gratuity to the porter. Pardon me, mademoiselle, for imposing on you with these details, but you are the only person in the world to whom I dare «.nd can address myself.

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