A Fantastic Cruise to the Zenith... the Place of Your Dreams

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Trafford Publishing, 2005 - Self-Help - 380 pages
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You can realize your dreams! After all, as a man thinks in his heart, so he is--is the place of your dreams not in your own heart?
However, the big question is, have you ever had a great dream in the day with your eyes wide open? If not, has one ever been revealed to you in your sleep? My dear, what have you done to, and with your dreams? Did you transform them into creative physical thinking, or did you allow someone to successfully lie to you that such dreams are signs of an impending illness?
Usually in a place like Africa, when men dream great dreams, they are accused of having a bout of malaria. But the sheer truth is, only men who have dreamt great dreams have also turned out to be "great" in life--only nations who have dreamt great dreams have also turned out to be great in the committee of nations.
Martin Luther-King Jnr. once had a dream; Bill Gates also, definitely did have a dream; and today, I have a new dream--that you, can become the man or woman of your own dreams--the happy millionaire, the quintessential preacher, the excellent career person, the best athlete, the music star, the banker par excellence, name it--you can be whatever you want to be.
Basically, A Fantastic Cruise To The Zenith is an excellent allegorical guide to the place of your dreams--wherever it is. But beyond that, it also guides you to a point of new discovery--the Zenith: the state of assured eternal security, the realm of abundance, and the regime of highest achievements. The writing style is absolutely unique, and essentially focused on general readership, but with a systematic attempt to assert the symptomatic beauty of excellent living; demystify the concept of human destiny; construct a fulcrum for achieving a healthier, happier, and more successful human life here on earth and, a profitable eternal life for the soul even after the "first death."
A Fantastic Cruise To The Zenith also makes strong reference to my theory of the Democratic Human Tripod, which is an elegant attempt to explain the tripartite composition of man, with a view to bringing all men to the "truth that maketh free!"
The book begins with an acclaimed "must-read" prologue, and has six (6) conceptual parts, namely:
1.A New Beginning
2.The Way
3.The Vehicle
4.The Cruise
5.The Crossing
6.Never To Be Forgotten
The 1st part ends with a technical innovation to demystify the concept of Human Destiny and simply relates it to conscious envisioning and mission statements.
The 2nd part has got another practical innovation--The Balanced Success Map (BSM), which is an attempt to practically guide the reader (or Cruiser) as he translates, most constructively, his current feasible dreams and wishes to some very highly achievable goals.
The 3rd part comes with yet another innovation--The Vehicle--Destiny 2.07+ U20x Model, which is arguably the grandest vehicle in town. You just can't wait to acquire it!
The 4th part introduces the reader to the practical applications of the already established principles, whereas the 5th part dwellsinstructively on life after here, which, to me, is the crux of the matter. And just before the closure, the 6th part appears to be asking, "Would you be remembered after dust has become dust?"
The overriding implication is that A Fantastic Cruise To The Zenith may not just end at being sold, bought, and read.
It may also have to be studied, and read over and over again.
My advice is for it to be by your pillow at night, in your bag when on the move, on your table at work and, in your palms at the least opportunity. It makes an ever-refreshing read, especially, with a colorful marker to highlight the parts that you may find most appealing to your current needs.
The contents of the book may also have to be taught.
Taught to the people it will make--the positively ambitious; the CEOs of today and tomorrow; the great leaders of today and tomorrow; and every great man and woman of destiny and vision who would rather live his own life and not otherwise.
Generally, A Fantastic Cruise To The Zenith is waiting to take all those whose fortunate eyes will see it, whose blessed minds will receive it, and of course your wonderful self to the Zenith.
All great dreams that have been attempted in the physical with the least creative action have always seen the greater part of realization--the time to take action, my dear, is now!
Remember: a day begins a story.
Praise for the Book

For every copy of Kingsley Wabara's "A Fantastic Cruise to the Zenith ...... The Place of Your Dreams" bought to impact a life this Christmas, and in all of 2006, 10% of the Author's royalty will be paid as tithe to Pastor Casey Treat's Christian Faith Center, USA; and 5% apiece willalso be proactively donated to the International Red Cross (for major relief activities the world over) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

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