Piracy in the West Indies and Its Suppression

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Essex institute, 1923 - Piracy - 220 pages

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Page 178 - Go tell the King of England, Go tell him thus from me, If he reign king of all the land, I will reign king at sea.
Page 25 - I could not compose myself. At the windlass, on the forecastle, three of the sailors, like myself, unable to sleep had collected for conversation. On joining them, I found our fears were mutual. They all kept their eyes steadily fixed upon the unknown vessel, as if anticipating some dreadful event. They informed me that they had put their arms in order and were determined to stand or die. At this moment a flash of light, perhaps a musket burning priming, proceeded from the vessel in pursuit, and...
Page 74 - The surgeons supposed that this was due to the influence of the "night air," but Farragut noted that "night air" was not injurious in all cases. He says: "On board the Greyhound we all slept on deck. For myself I never owned a bed during my two years and a half in the West Indies, but lay down to rest wherever I found the most comfortable berth.
Page 208 - I have in contemplation, if I can raise the necessary amount of money, the fitting out of an expedition to go to the coast of Africa for a cargo of African apprentices to be bound for the term of their natural lives, and would like your co-operation. No subscription will be received for a less amount than $5,000. The amount to be raised is $300,000. I will take $20,000 of the stock and go myself. I propose to purchase the " Vigo," an iron screw steamer of 1,750 tons, now in Liverpool for sale at...
Page 24 - ... down in its original place, and the seams filled and tarred over. Being thus relieved from any apprehension that the money would be found upon us in case of an attack from pirates, my mind was somewhat easier.
Page 26 - I was too much wounded to resist, and the blood ran in torrents from my forehead. In this situation the wretch seized me by the scalp, and thrusting his cutlass in my cravat cut it through completely. I felt the cold iron glide along my throat, and even now the very thought makes me shudder. The worst idea I had ever formed of human cruelty seemed now realized, and I could see death staring me in the face.
Page 14 - A boat from her, with ten men, came alongside, and soon after they got on board commenced plundering. They took nearly all the clothing from the Captain and mate — all the cooking utensils and spare rigging — unrove part of the running rigging — cut the small cable — broke the compasses — cut the mast's coats to pieces — took from the Captain his watch and four boxes of cigars — and from the cargo three bales cochineal and six boxes of cigars.
Page 28 - They all retreated precipitately, and gaining their own vessel, was soon out of sight. Helpless as I now was, I had the satisfaction of knowing that the pirates had been frightened by the appearance of a sail, but it was impossible for me to see it. Still tied to the foremast, I knew not what was my prospect of release. — An hour or two had elapsed after they left me ; and it was now noon. The sun played violently upon my head, and I felt a languor and debility that indicated approaching fever....
Page 14 - ... Capt. Jackson informs us, and we have also been informed by other persons from the Havana, that this system of Piracy is openly countenanced by some of the inhabitants of that place — who say that it is a retaliation on the Americans for interfering against the Slave Trade, and for allowing Patriot privateers to refit in their ports. The pirates, therefore, receiving such countenance, grow more daring — and increase in number from the success which has attended this new mode of filling their...
Page 49 - Do not look for mercy here, but pray to God; we are all brought here to die. This is not built for nothing; here we must end our lives. You know I am innocent, but I must die the same as you all. There is not any body here who can do us any good, so let us think only of God Almighty. We are not children but men, you know that all must die; and in a few years those who kill us must die too. When I was born, God set the way of my death; I do not blame any body. I was taken by the pirates and they made...

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