histories of the several regiments and battalions from north carolina in the great war 1861-65

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Page 97 - Rodes' men pushed forward with great vigor and enthusiasm, followed closely by the second and third lines. Position after position was carried, the guns captured, and every effort of the enemy to rally defeated by the impetuous rush of our troops. In the ardor of pursuit through the thick and tangled woods, the first and second lines at last became mingled, and moved on together as one. The...
Page 128 - Sickles testified, before the Committee on the Conduct of the War, that the reason the Confederates were not followed up was on account of differences of opinion whether or not the Federals should themselves retreat, as "it was by no means clear, in the judgment of the corps commanders, or of the general in command, whether they had won or not.
Page 356 - Arctic Ocean. She ran a distance of 58,000 statute miles and met with no serious injury during a cruise of thirteen months. Her anchors were on her bows for eight months. She never lost a chase, and was second only to the celebrated Alabama. I claim for her officers and men a triumph over their enemies and over every obstacle, and for myself I claim having done my duty.
Page 218 - ... degrees, and was sodded with marsh grass, which grew luxuriantly. The parapet was not less than twenty-five feet thick, with an inclination of only one foot. The revetment was five feet nine inches high from the floor of the gun chambers and these were some twelve feet or more from the interior plane. The guns were all mounted in barbette on Columbiad carriages : there was not a single casemated gun in the Fort.
Page 364 - October 26th, 1864, 8,632,000 pounds of meat, 1,507,000 pounds of lead, 1,933,000 pounds of saltpetre, 546,000 pairs of shoes, 316,000 pairs of blankets, 520,000 pounds of coffee, 69,000 rifles, 97 packages of revolvers, 2,639 packages of medicines, 43 cannon, with a very large quantity of other articles.
Page 154 - ... handsomely. The men reserved their fire, in accordance with orders, until within good range of the enemy, and then opened with telling effect, repeatedly driving the cannoneers from their pieces, completely silencing the guns in our immediate front, and breaking the line of infantry which was formed on the crest of the hill. We advanced to within a few yards of the stone wall, exposed all the while to a heavy raking artillery fire from the right.
Page 126 - Corps's front and its batteries, when suddenly a terrific fire from every available gun on Cemetery' Ridge burst upon them. Their graceful lines underwent an instantaneous transformation in a dense cloud of smoke and dust ; arms, heads, blankets, guns, and knapsacks were tossed in the air, and the moan from 'the battlefield was heard amid the storm of battle.
Page 218 - This face commenced about a hundred feet from the river with a half bastion, and extended with a heavy curtain to a full bastion on the ocean side, where it joined the sea face. The work was built to withstand the heaviest artillery fire.
Page 221 - General Weitzel advanced his skirmish line within fifty yards of the Fort, while the garrison was kept in their bomb-proofs by the fire of the navy, and so closely that three or four men of the picket line ventured upon the parapet and through the...
Page 132 - Heaven doth with us as we with torches do, Not light them for themselves ; for if our virtues Did not go forth of us, 'twere all alike As if we had them not.

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