The history of Fanny Seymour [by W. Bathoe].

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Page 273 - The Complete Farmer : or a general Dictionary of Hufbandry in all its Branches : containing the various Methods of cultivating and improving every Species of Land, according to the Precepts of both the old and new Hufbandry.
Page 171 - Caflio's lodging lofe this napkin, And let him find it : Trifles, light as air, Are, to the jealous, confirmations ftrong As proofs of holy writ.
Page 273 - By a society of gentlemen, members of the Society for the encouragement of arts, manufactures, and commerce.
Page 280 - Provok'd Wife, by Vanbrugh Recruiting Officer, by Farquhar Refufal, by Cibber Rehearfal, by D. of Bucks Relapfe, by Vanbrugh Revenge, by Dr. Young Richard HI.
Page 49 - Should these Memoirs fall into the Hands of a Prude, or be read before a Circle of antiquated Maids, I know my Heroine will be reprobated by them. She yielded, say they; and be the Consequence ever so bad, she deserves it all for being a Strumpet. Let such Imps of Ill-nature . . . rail on. ... But to my gentle Readers of another Cast, I would willingly apologize, and endeavour to rescue my Heroine from sharing too much of their Censure... . Pray imagine...
Page 273 - Hufbandry, particularly thole lately invented, and prefented to the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, &c. in London. By a Society of Gentlemen, Members of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Sec. The...
Page 2 - ... conviction under this Act took place at the Staffordshire Lent Assizes, of 1819, before Sir William Garrow, when the Apothecaries Company brought an action against a man of the name of Warburton, for having practised as an apothecary without being duly qualified. The defendant, it appeared, was the son of a man, who in the early part of his life had been a gardener, but afterwards set up as a cow leech. The facts were stated by Mr. Dauncey for the prosecution, and supported by evidence. Mr. Jervis,...
Page 86 - OF they would efpoufe her intereft, and make a party for her the firft night of her appearance, which by her own choice was to be in the character of the Mourning Bride...
Page 273 - Kalendar, calculated for the ufe of farmers and country gentlemen ; containing an ample account of the work neceflary to be done every month in the year, in the nurfery and kitchen gardens.
Page 92 - Orphan : me read feveral fpeeches of that tragedy, with which he expreflcd great iatisfadion ; and told . her that fhe was not wanting either in voice or judgment ; and then made her feveral compliments on the finenefs of her perfon, Which he faid would -would prejudice the audience in her favour.

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