A Brief Sketch of the Zoroastrian Religion & Customs: An Essay Written for the Râhnumâi Mâzdayasnân Sabhâ of Bombay

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Duftur Ashkara Oil Engine Printing Press, 1893 - 82 pages

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Page 21 - Doom'd for a certain term to walk the night, And for the day confined to fast in fires, Till the foul crimes done in my days of nature Are burnt and purged away.
Page xlviii - They commence from the surrounding wall of the "bhandar" and pass beyond the outside of the tower down into four wells sunk in the ground at equal distances. At the mouth of each drain charcoal and sandstones are placed for purifying the fluid before it enters the ground, thus observing one of the tenets of the Zoroastrian religion that " the mother earth shall not be defiled.
Page xxvii - Ahura, becomes clean ; the running waters become clean, the waters of the wells become clean, the waters of the Sea become clean ; the standing waters become clean ; all the holy creatures, the creatures of the Good Spirit, become clean.
Page 23 - It is they who shall restore the world, which will (thenceforth) never grow old and never die, never decaying and never rotting, ever living and ever increasing, and master of its wish, when the dead will rise, when life and immortality will come, and the world will be restored at its wish ; 20.
Page xxxii - My ninth name is the One with knowledge. "My tenth name is Weal; "My eleventh name is He who produces weal. "My twelfth name is AHURA (the Lord). "My thirteenth name is the Most Beneficent.
Page xxxiv - Ormazd is the greatest ruler, mighty, wise, creator, supporter, refuge, defender, completer of good works, overseer, pure, good, and just.
Page 30 - Zarathustra ! with the left arm and the right, with the right arm and the left, unto him thus says the Earth...
Page 27 - He who sows corn, sows holiness : he makes the law of Mazda grow higher and higher : he makes the law of Mazda as fat as he can with a hundred acts of adoration, a thousand oblations, ten thousand sacrifices. When barley is coming forth, the Daevas start up ; when the corn is growing rank, then faint the Daevas' hearts ; when the corn is being ground, the Daevas groan, when wheat is coming forth, the Daevas are destroyed.
Page xxxiv - Offering and praise to that Lord, the completer of good works, who made men greater than all earthly beings, and through the gift of speech created them to rule the creatures as warriors against the Daevas.
Page xxvii - ... Should the evil thoughts of the earthly man be a hundred times worse, they would not rise so high as the good thoughts of the heavenly Mithra...

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