Private and Official Correspondence of Gen. Benjamin F. Butler: During the Period of the Civil War ...

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Page 93 - SIR: You are hereby informed that the President of the United States has appointed you Major General of the Volunteer force raised in conformity with the President's Proclamation of May 3rd, 1861, in the service of the United States, to rank as such from the sixteenth day of May, one thousand eight hundred and sixty one.
Page 51 - via Perryville, Annapolis City, and Annapolis Junction, you find resistance which renders it necessary to suspend the writ of Habeas Corpus for the public safety, you personally, or through the Officer in command at the point where the resistance occurs, are authorized to suspend that writ" ABRAHAM LINCOLN IN accordance with the foregoing warrant the undersigned devolves on
Page 502 - she shall be regarded and held liable to be treated as a woman of the town plying her avocation. By command of MAJOR-GEN. BUTLER GEO. C. STRONG, AAG Chief of Staff
Page 632 - ORLEANS I, , do solemnly swear that I will, to the best of my ability, discharge the duties of of the French Legion, and that I will support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the State and of the Confederate States. So help me God! Sworn to and subscribed before me. (Traduction) Etat de la
Page 52 - 2. A NEW Military Department, to be called the Department of Annapolis. Headquarters at that city, will include the country for twenty miles on each side of the railroad from Annapolis to the city of Washington, as far as Bladensburg, Md. Brigadier General BF Butler, Massachusetts Volunteers, is assigned to the command.
Page 113 - laborers, keeping a strict and accurate account as well of the services as of the expenditures, having the worth of the services and the cost of the expenditure determined by a Board of Survey hereafter to be detailed. I know of no other manner in which to dispose of this subject, and the
Page 119 - Federal obligations, however, no one can be more important than that of suppressing and dispersing armed combinations, formed for the purpose of overthrowing its whole constitutional authority. While, therefore, you will permit no interference, by the persons under your command, with the
Page 93 - Should the Senate, at their next session, advise and consent thereto, you will be commissioned accordingly. You will, immediately on receipt hereof, please to communicate to this Department, through the Adjutant General's Office, your acceptance or non-acceptance of said appointment:
Page 367 - After full consultation with officers well acquainted with the country in which it is proposed to operate, I have arrived at the conclusion that 3 light batteries fully equipped, and one without horses, will be all that are necessary. This will make your force about
Page 442 - long as, in the judgment of the United States authorities, it may be necessary; and while it is desired by these authorities to exercise this government mildly, and after the usages of the past, it must not be supposed that it will not be rigorously and firmly administered as the occasion calls

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