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Highly over-rated

User Review  - Flipkart

1. I bought an e-book and read it in my tablet. The e-book can only be read by an app-Flipkart e-book reader available in Google Play Store. Unless otherwise you have a way to download and install ... Read full review

Waste of time!

User Review  - Rajat Shukla - Flipkart

I had high hopes from this novel, but it turned out to be a utter waste of time. It's a disappointment, that it had such a bad character development. I was expecting a nice love story. I did not ... Read full review

I can't believe I bought this piece of crap!

User Review  - KS - Flipkart

I actually had to stop mid-way reading this non-sense to write a review and tell people not to waste money and time on this piece of crap. Of all the best sellers you have read, for sake of those ... Read full review

Bullshit novel

User Review  - rony paul - Flipkart

Its the worst novel I have read so far..simply wasted 400 bucks for it. dont get fooled by its press publicity ,its all marketing hype. Read full review

Fifty shades of grey to turn you hundred shades green!

User Review  - ARKrishh - Flipkart

At a popular store in Chennai, I found this on the recommended books section. A couple of lines about the book made it feel like Fifty Shades of Grey was a must-read thriller . . . To hell with Grey ... Read full review

dont read this.. its waste of time

User Review  - padmini prabhu... - Flipkart

complete and utter nonsense.. pease dont read. not only is the complete concept going bonkers, the idea itself that this could be a mainstream book is making my gut turn... its really bad Read full review

its a complete NO!! NO!!

User Review  - nandini - Flipkart

its just the adult version of twilight actually and filthy version of twilight..oh why am i even comparing it with such an awesome book.?/ the plot is toooo bad ..actually there is no ... Read full review

Not so 'romantic'

User Review  - Arisht Jain - Flipkart

I just hope the movie they are making on this contains all the three parts collectively and not just one, so that there would be some "story" in it. Read full review

I Regret Buying It!

User Review  - Anupama Mehra - Flipkart

My expectations from this book were so different from what i actually got! I thought it was only me who thought it was a replica of Twilight but after reading the reviews i guess im not the only one ... Read full review


User Review  - sakshi - Flipkart

If you want your high school enemy to have his worst b;day.. bingo! this the book people. i didnt even try to complete more than 70 pagers or so. totally uncreative with some sick characters. Just AVOID. save money. Read full review

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