School of Forest Engineers in Spain: Indicative of a Type for a British National School of Forestry

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Oliver and Boyd, 1886 - Forestry schools and education - 232 pages
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Page 226 - injurious influences to which the maritime pine is subject. //.—Reboisement in France; or, Records of the Re-planting of the Alps, the Cevennes, and the Pyrenees, with Trees, Herbage,
Page 226 - before and after culture, and the Landes of La Sologue ; the legislation and literature of France in regard to the planting of the Landes with trees; the characteristics of the sand wastes ; the natural history, culture, and exploitation of the maritime pine, and of the Scots fir; and the diseases
Page 4 - times; in Norway, luxuriant forests managed by each proprietor as seemeth good in his own eyes; in Sweden, sustained systematic endeavours to regulate the management of forests in accordance with the latest deliverances of modern science; in Finland, Sartage disappearing before the most advanced forest economy of the day; and in Russia,
Page 219 - of 1120' printed books, MSS. &c., in Spanish, on subjects connected with Forest Science. ' I am at present preparing for the press a report on measures adopted in France, Germany, Hungary, and elsewhere, to arrest and utilise drift-sand by planting them with grasses and trees; and in Der
Page 14 - recent Aridity, with Suggestions of appropriate Remedies for this Aridity. ' This volume, on the effects of forests on the humidity of the atmosphere and the ground, follows supplying illustrations of the reasonableness of the suggestion made in regard to the conservation and extension of forests as a subordinate means of arresting and counteracting the
Page vi - to report the evidence already taken to the House, and to recommend that a Committee on the same subject should be appointed in the next session of Parliament." And this was done; but in like circumstances, and with like result. Meanwhile, at the meeting of the British Association
Page 10 - have given, with very great clearness, a resume- of what I have done in France, be it by my works, or be it by my workings, for the regeneration of our mountains.' Translation of extract from letter by the late M. Ernest Cezanne, Ingenieur des Fonts et Chausses, Representant des Hautes
Page 14 - Nature had furnished the cups if only science would take the trouble to make them secure." It is but to repeat an oft-told story that with a good supply of water South Africa would be one of the finest of nature's gardens, and would be capable of producing two
Page v - Plea for the Creation of a School of Forestry in Connection with the Arboretum at Edinburgh, in which I submitted for consideration the opinion that with the acquisition of this Arboretum, and with the existing arrangements for study in the
Page 219 - published in Vienna in 1873, I rind a list of upwards of 100 books and papers on that one department of the subject, of which 30, in Hungarian, Latin, and German, were published in Hungary alone. 'According to the statement of one gentleman, to whom application was made by a representation of the Government at the Cape for information in regard to what

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