Decoding the Human Body-Field: The New Science of Information as Medicine

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Inner Traditions / Bear & Co, Mar 20, 2008 - Health & Fitness - 406 pages
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A revolutionary system that reestablishes the proper flow of information to the body’s energetic fields to promote health

• Presents a new integrative model of the energetic physiology of the human body (the human body-field) and its influence on health

• Shows that a root cause of disease is due to information blockages in the body-field

• Introduces Infoceuticals, liquid remedies that help the human body-field process vital information to engage the physical body’s self-healing abilities

After decades of research, Peter Fraser has formulated a system that unites the meridian system of traditional Chinese medicine with quantum wave theory to provide the first comprehensive link between the human body’s biochemistry and bioenergetics. He explains that we each have a body-field based on twelve meridian-like channels that process and coordinate information throughout the body and that our health depends on the proper flow and communication of information through these channels.

In Decoding the Human Body-Field, Fraser and Massey describe in detail their revolutionary Nutri-Energetics System, which uses Infoceuticals--liquids infused with organic colloidal minerals that are imprinted with corrective quantum electrodynamic information--to remedy distortions and blockages in the information flow of the body-field. The imprinted information acts as a magnetic signpost to engage the body’s self-healing ability.

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This has a simple resolution. If something sounds too good to be true, it IS too good to be true. I would check the credentials of Peter Fraser. When you do, you'll find that his claims of publishing articles in journals don't exist. The articles he "published" don't exist AT ALL. Heck, the JOURNALS don’t exist for that matter. I even checked my college's database and got no hits on the journals or any of his articles. Plus I called into the company and the woman I spoke with said that his work "isn't ACTUALLY published because the scientific community doesn't accept his work as science." Interesting because he says he published his work in journals, that conveniently don't exist, and then this woman tells me he doesn't have work that's ACTUALLY published. I also checked with the scientific community on if this type of work is accepted, and there were a TON of articles that have been published about this science. The science is legit, don't get me wrong. However, the man claiming to have created this science and his "revolutionary discovery of the human body field" (from the company's website) isn't valid. This science was ACTUALLY discovered by Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell in the early 1800's. Don't believe me still? Check out this guy's background and his claims and then validate them with the FACTS. The science is sound, but from the work of other individuals, and this guy's claims are bogus. He plays off of the "placebo effect", a simple psychology trick. Check that out to see what I'm talking about.  

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This is the new direction the whole medical industry should be going toward. Despite those who are still skeptical about the effectiveness of ancient healing powers, new findings in science today continues to prove human being's basic instinct always prevail. Michael Gao


The Microworld and the Macroworld
The Intelligence of the Body
Glimpses into the Virtual Body
California Collaboration
The Dream Is Realized
NES and the Frontiers of Physics
The Energetic Drivers
Understanding the Energetic Integrators
Details of the Energetic Integrators
The Energetic Terrains
The Energetic Stars
A New Direction in Healing 359

Overview of the Human BodyField
Information Flow in Your Body and BodyField
Big Field Influences

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Peter H. Fraser (1943-2012) began researching the energetics of the human body-field in 1982. He was trained at the International College of Oriental Medicine and created the first accredited degree course in acupuncture at Victoria University in Australia. Harry Massey began collaborating with Fraser in 2001 after a near fatal bout of chronic fatigue syndrome to establish Nutri-Energetics Systems, Ltd. Joan Parisi Wilcox is the author of Ayahuasca and Masters of the Living Energy and was Fraser's research assistant.

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