Sir Elidoc

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Page 255 - Squire Malvoisin ? Oh ! he went hence long ago. As soon as I gave forth the first notes of my song, he glided towards the castle stairs, with steps inaudible, and as light as a feather, and afterwards I saw his shadow flit rapidly past the windows of the illuminated hall." " His shadow !" repeated Elidoc, thoughtfully.
Page 435 - thou not ? when I spoke to thee of towering wishes thou didst deem that I could at once guess what was the dearest wish of thy soul. Thou didst then count far too much on my power, and thou now dost the same. Nay, Sir Amyot, unless thou wilt tell me what obstacle is between
Page 407 - O work, and live, endure, and do; Wait, hope, and love, and seek! Until the shades of gloomy night Shall into morning break!" Agnellina. " O work and suffer, hope and pray, And He, the good and mild, Who meets thee in thy prayer below. Will never fail His child." Elidoc.
Page 317 - through the fragrant air; and the moon, as if allured forth by some sweet recollection, burst from between the clouds, and poured down her silvery light on the two beautiful forms which lay in the paleness of death. They looked already like figures formed of some polished metal, adorning their own noble monuments.
Page 98 - Oh ! lady—never may such woe, Seize on thy proud exulting heart! " Thou standest—goddess-like in pride— Upon the flowery height of bliss; But ah! bethink thee!—height is depth! Thy throne—the brink of an abyss! " Thou gazest forth on boundless space, On ocean spreading far and wide; But deeper far than ocean's bed, Lurks sorrow
Page 175 - may weep before God and man," he thought, "for the slain victor, the deliverer of her father. While afar off Ellenor's tears will softly flow for her husband gloriously fallen. Perchance the faithful Everard will bear my body to her on my native shores ! Or I may be interred on the victorious field of battle, and
Page 370 - gazed upon the noble but unknown face of an old man, and the surprise made him shudder strangely. Still he did not long allow himself to be disturbed in his joyous preparations ; and he now insisted that next morning the consecration of the newly built convent must take place, and the Sister
Page 63 - and rising from her seat and placing herself close before her husband, she said: " Thou shunnest the company of the holy Hermit! Thou lovest to be surrounded by wild men of war ! Thou lovest them the more as they forsake their lord and thine ! Thou delightest thyself in the thought of
Page 425 - yet stood motionless. The youth knelt at his feet, holding towards him a dagger and a sling, whilst the Abbot spoke: "This is a weighty hour for thee, dear brother Salvatus, and for us all, even for the whole of this land, and much depends on thy decision. The Duke will
Page 146 - Knight! she saw thee pass, When to the battle field Thou ventured'st forth to fight for her, And bad'st the conquer'd yield. " And she will look on thee, Sir Knight, In her pure mountain air; And count thee worthy of her trust, As guardian of the fair.

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