The Life and Times of Archbishop Sharp, (of St. Andrews.)

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J. Rickerby, 1839 - 640 pages

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Page 9 - endeavour the extirpation of Popery, Prelacy, (that is church-government by archbishops, bishops, their chancellors and commissaries, deans, deans and chapters, archdeacons, and all other ecclesiastical officers depending on that hierarchy,) superstition, heresy, schism, profaneness and whatsoever shall be found contrary to sound doctrine and the power of godliness." The convention, or parliament, as it
Page 149 - and constant supplies of his grace, and the right improvement of all his mercies and deliverances, to the honour of his great name, and the peace, safety, and benefit of all our kingdoms. And so we bid you heartily farewell. Given at our court at Whitehall, the 10th of August, 1660, and of our reign, the twelfth year. By his majesty's command.
Page 256 - The National Covenant,' and the other entituled ' A Solemn League and Covenant,' were, and are in themselves unlawful oaths, and were taken by and imposed upon the subjects of this kingdom, against the fundamental laws and liberties of the same ; and that there
Page 108 - not own or espouse any malignant party or quarrel or interest; but that they fight merely upon their former grounds and principles, and in defence of the cause of God and of the kingdom, as they have done these twelve years past; and therefore, as they
Page 105 - (who was appointed by the commission of the kirk, to wait on him, General Leslie, as his chaplain), never ceased to tempt him to that bloodshed ; yea, and threatened him with the curses that befel Saul for sparing the Amalekites, for with them, his theology taught him to compare the
Page 293 - there never was such a sad Sabbath in Scotland, as when the poor persecuted ministers took leave of their people. It did not content the congregation to weep all of them, but they howled with a loud voice, weeping with the weeping of Jazer, as when a besieged city is sackt."*
Page 165 - affirm, testify, and declare, by this my solemn oath, that I acknowledge my said sovereign only supreme governor of this kingdom over all persons and in all causes ; and that no foreign prince, power or state, nor person civil nor ecclesiastic,
Page 32 - calls Janet into a room, and enquires at her privately, who that person was with the bishop. She refused at first, but he promising upon his word of honour, to warrant her at all hands, and that she should not be sent to America, she says,
Page 397 - family were all gone to church, so that he could not travel till Monday morning early ; and when he came to Buckhaven, the wind being easterly, the fish-boats were coming into the harbour, and he hired one of them immediately, and arrived at Leith in the evening, having sent his horse to Bruntisland. He went immediately to

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