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The Cambridge Published History written by Great Historian for the Dutch History in Asia are far of fact and truth. In this Book. Page about Ali Vardy Khan divided power and given sectional rulers of Subah as previously as Bengal Bihar and Orrisa in one Subha and less revenue certainly will less. In addition Maratha Bargi trouble that faced in Bengal so Defence costs were more. Ali Vardy Khan cant be a sole responsible when his Past Nabobs and Foujdars taken bribe by East India Company. The Strynsham Master and William Hedges what send as Agents of East India Company to Bengal as a Planner and to destroy administrations of Bengal by induce corruptionsin administrations and Bagging Hindu as seperate mode from Administrations of Bengal Subha from Great Shaista Khan to onwards.from 1672-1690 the English Company done Money Duplication at Bombay was not true to destroy the Country where the English was a Commercial Company by name and sign board only and doing Army deployment and duplicating Coins in India??? Shame for the British. The Cambridge Unuversity Publication and Great Marshall are both responsible to publish these pattern of History. You written as like Emperor in page 180: Nabobs Foujdars Great Chiften(Great for Yours whom you bagged in last Centurty) we do not thinks so. You taught us corruptions our people has faced it and facing a History of distortions. 

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