Paper and Cardboard Construction

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Menomonie Press, 1911 - Paper work - 166 pages
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Page 183 - CLASSROOM PRACTICE IN DESIGN. By JAMES PARTON HANEY. A concise up-to-date, richly illustrated brochure on the teaching of applied design. Price, 50 cents.
Page 181 - ESSENTIALS OF WOODWORKING. BY IRA S. GRIFFITH. A textbook written especially for the use of grammar and high school students. A clear and comprehensive treatment of woodworking tools, materials, and processes, to supplement, but not to take the place of the instruction given by the teacher. The book does not contain a course of models; it may be used with any course. It is illustrated with photographs and numerous pen drawings by Edwin V.
Page 183 - This book was written by a grade teacher and art worker to help teachers in acquiring the technique of clay working, and to give them suggestions concerning the teaching of the several types of clay work suited to pupils in the elementary schools. It covers the study of natural forms, the human figure in relief, and the round, animal forms, story illustration, architectural ornament, tiles, hand-built pottery, and pottery decoration. The book is richly illustrated...
Page 182 - It contains a collection of plates showing perspective drawings of typical designs, representing particular types of furniture. Each perspective is accompanied by suggestions for rearrangements and the modeling of parts.
Page 182 - A valuable textbook for students' use. 80 cents. WORKSHOP NOTE-BOOK—WOODWORKING. By Greene. A note-book which furnishes a few general and extremely important directions about tools and processes; and provides space for additional notes and working drawings. It is essentially a collection of helps, ideas, hints, suggestions, questions, facts, illustrations, etc.
Page 182 - THE revised and enlarged edition of this well-known book contains 43 full-page working drawings of articles of furniture. Every piece shown is suitable for construction in high school classes, and is appropriate and serviceable in the home. In addition to the working drawings, there is a perspective sketch of each article completed. There are 36 pages of text giving notes on the construction of each project, chapters on the "Design," and "Construction" of furniture, and one on "Finishes".
Page 181 - The book deals with the construction and flying of all kinds of kites, and the making and using of kite accessories. Also aeroplanes, gliders, propellers, motors, etc. Four chapters are devoted to presenting a detailed description of kite flying tournaments. Abundantly illustrated and attractively bound.
Page 182 - This book consists of 80 plates and a few explanatory notes, and is bound in heavy paper covers with brass fasteners. Its purpose is to furnish teachers of classes beginning mechanical drawing with a large number of simple, practical problems. These...
Page 181 - A valuable textbook for rural schools, by one who has made a special study of the manual training problems in the country school. A full and clear description in detail of the fundamental processes of elementary benchwork in wood. This description is given through directions for making a few simple, useful articles, suitable either for school or home problems.
Page 181 - A comprehensive and scholarly treatise, covering logging, sawmilling, seasoning and measuring, hand tools, wood fastenings, equipment and care of the shop, the common joints, types of wood structures, principles of joinery, and wood finishing. 304 illustrations — excellent pen drawings and many photographs.

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