Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue, Volume 2

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Spicer brothers, 1851 - Great Exhibition

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Page 516 - As I WALKED through the wilderness of this world, I lighted on a certain place where was a Den, and I laid me down in that place to sleep: and as I slept I dreamed a dream.
Page 515 - The Society was formed to promote the circulation of religious books and treatises in foreign countries, as well as throughout the British dominions.
Page 560 - ... seven years ago, ropes composed of twisted iron wire, as a substitute for the flat ropes previously in use. Since that time they have been adopted throughout the mines of Hungary and most of those in the Austrian dominions, to the almost total exclusion of flat and round ropes made of hemp. These iron ropes are of equal strength with a hempen rope of four times the weight. One has been in use upwards of two years without any perceptible wear, whereas a flat rope performing similar work would...
Page 585 - ... are placed in each apartment or workshop, which is likewise furnished with a lathe, benches, and such other conveniences as are suited to the various branches of manufacture for which the rooms are likely to be needed. When a workman has received an order for the supply of such a quantity of goods as will occupy him a week, or a month, or any other given time for their completion, he hires one or more of these rooms, of sizes and with conveniences suited to his particular wants, stipulating for...
Page 654 - Shahrikh, the young son of Nadir. The jewel descended to the successors of Ahmed Shah, and when Mr. Elphinstone was at Peshawur, was worn by Shah Shuja on his arm. When Shah Shuja was driven from Kabul, he became the nominal guest...
Page 543 - Athenteus (xii. 2), that the antient Greeks and Romans knew of no such covering for the hands ; though he shows that they were in use among the Romans in the time of Pliny the younger. The Persians used glove° in cold weather, a circumstance charged against them as a proof of their luxurious habits. (.Xenophon, Cyrop., viii.
Page 484 - ... simplicity of accomplishing them. It is not at all necessary to paint the pattern on paper, after viewing it through the mirrors, as the scales attached show at once the required number of threads of each colour, and how many repeats are necessary for the breadth of the web ; and it displays at once not only the repeat, but the whole breadth, and a considerable portion of the length of the cloth at one view. By this invention, the precise effect of a pattern may be produced in the course of a...
Page 807 - As India produced the raw material and manufactured it into a costly article, gold and silver have, from the earliest times, been required to purchase this combination of the gifts of nature with the creations of art ; but mechanical invention has deprived the Hindoos of many of the advantages of their position, and they have, in a great measure, lost the commerce which they had themselves created, especially as some of their products were subjected to discriminating duties, which amounted to a prohibition...
Page 669 - As an instance of its consequence we will cite rose colour or crimson, which, when used by the painter, is a dirty violet or drab; during the process of firing it gradually varies with the increase of heat, from a brown to a dull reddish hue, and from that progressively to its proper tint.
Page 674 - It is sometimes necessary, where great depth of colour is required, to repeat these colours several times. The " groundlayers " do generally, and should always, work with a bandage over the mouth to avoid inhaling the colour-dust, much of which is highly deleterious. Bossing is the term given to the process by which the level surfaces of various colours so extensively introduced upon decorated porcelain are effected. The " boss

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