A plain and faithful narrative of the original design, rise, progress and present state of the Indian charity-school at Lebanon, in Connecticut

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Richard and Samuel Draper, 1763 - Education - 55 pages
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Page 36 - ... them: And those who are able answer a Question in the Assembly's Catechism, and have some Questions asked them upon it, and an Answer expounded to them. After Prayers, and a short Time for their Diversion, the School begins with Prayer about 9, and ends at 12, and again at 2, and ends at 5 o'Clock with Prayer. Evening Prayer is attended before the Day-light is gone. Afterwards they apply to their Studies, &c. They attend the publick Worship, and have a Pew devoted to their Use, in the House of...
Page 36 - ... &c. They attend the publick worship, and have a pew devoted to their use, in the house of God. On Lord's-Day morning, between and after the meetings, the master, or some one whom they will submit to, is with them, inspects their behaviour, hears them read, catechises them, discourses to them, &c. And once or twice a week they hear a discourse calculated to their capacities upon the most important and interesting subjects. And in general they are orderly and governable: They appear to be as perfectly...
Page 31 - Moseley of Windham, and Benjamin Pomeroy of Hebron, and invited them to join me; they readily accepted the invitation; and a gentleman learned in the law supposed there might be such an incorporation among ourselves as might fully answer our purpose.
Page 39 - David be fupported on faid miflion for a term not exceeding 4 months ; and that he endeavour on his return to bring with him a number of Indian boys, not exceeding three, to be put under Mr.
Page 36 - Behaviour, hears them read, catechifes them, dUcourfes to them, &c. And once or twice a Week they hear a Difcourfe calculated to their Capacities upon the moft important and interesting Subjects. And in general they are orderly and governable : They appear to be as perfectly eafy and contented with their Situation and Employment as any at a Father's Houfe. I fcarcely hear a Word of their going Home, fo much as for a Vifit, for Years together, except it be when they firft come. AND the...
Page 14 - ... it. — [The religious obligation to the work is urged at some further length.] Thefe were fome of the confiderations which, I think, had fome influence to my making an attempt in this affair ; though I did not then much think of any thing more than only to clear myfelf, and family, of partaking in the public guilt of our land and nation in fuch a neglect of them.
Page 34 - ... the Indians) and is to go to his apprenticeship as soon as a good place is ready for him; the other is designed for a carpenter and joiner, and is to go to an apprenticeship as soon as he has learned to read and write. . . . Several of my scholars are considerably well accomplished for schoolmasters, and 7 or 8 will likely be well fitted for interpreters in a few years more.
Page 25 - Lord fhould be revealed in an eminent manner, to cure them of fuch favage and fordid practices, as they have been inured to from their mother's womb, and form their minds and manners to proper rules of virtue, decency and humanity, while they are daily under the pernicious influence of their parents example, and their many vices made familiar thereby.
Page 31 - Moor, late of Mansfield, deceased, appeared to give a small tenement in this place, for the foundation, use and support of a Charity-School, for the education of Indian youth, &c. But it pleased God to take the good Colonel from an unthankful world soon after the covenant was made and executed, and thus deprived us of the benefit of his singular learning, piety and zeal in the affair. Notwithstanding, a subscription was soon made of near . 500 lawful money, towards a fund for the...
Page 30 - Pumshire began to decline, and by the advice of physicians, I sent him back to his friends, with orders, if his health would allow it, to return with two more of that nation, whom Mr. Brainerd had at my desire provided for me.

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