The Letters and Other Remains of Dionysius of Alexandria

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University Press, 1904 - Fathers of the church - 283 pages
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Page 86 - What hands are here ? ha ! they pluck out mine eyes. Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand ? No, this my hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the green one red.
Page 73 - The voice of history, which is often little more than the organ of hatred or flattery, reproaches Sapor with a proud abuse of the rights of conquest. We are told that Valerian, in chains, but invested with the Imperial purple, was exposed to the multitude, a constant spectacle of fallen greatness ; and that whenever the Persian monarch mounted on horseback, he placed his foot on the neck of a Roman emperor.
Page 194 - In accordance with all these things, the: form, moreover, and rule being received from the elders who have lived before us, we also, with a voice in accordance with them, will both acquit ourselves of thanks to you, and of the letter which we are now writing. And to God the Father, and His Son our Lord Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit, be glory and dominion for ever and ever.
Page 33 - Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake ; whether it be to the king, as supreme ; or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by Him for the punishment of evil doers, and the praise of them that do well™.
Page 51 - Dicebam haec, et flebam, amarissima contritione cordis mei. et ecce audio vocem de vicina domo cum cantu dicentis, et crebro repetentis, quasi pueri an puellae, nescio: "tolle lege tolle lege.
Page 146 - Julian contented himself with an inoffensive mode of retaliation, which it would be in the power of few princes to employ. He had been insulted by satires and libels ; in his turn, he composed, under the title of the Enemy of the Beard, an ironical confession of his own faults, and a severe satire of the licentious and effeminate manners of Antioch.
Page 104 - The whole passage is too long to quote, but will repay a careful perusal. I do not think there is any other piece of pure criticism in the early Fathers to compare with it for style and manner.
Page xxxiii - ... Dionysium, Roma16 пае urbis episcopum, ad Laodicenses 'de paenitentia', ad Origenem 'de martyrio', ad Armenios 'de paenitentia' et 'de ordine delictorum', 'de natura' ad Timotheum, 'de temptationibus' ad Euphranorem, ad Basilidem quoque multae epistulae, in quarum una 20 se asserit etiam in Ecclesiasten coepisse scribere commentarios. Sed et adversus Paulum Samosatenum ante paucos dies quam moreretur, insignis eius fertur epistula. Moritur duodecimo Gallieni anno. 25 Cap. LXX. Novatianus,...
Page 166 - Unity ; nor disparage with the name of ' work' the dignity and exceeding majesty of the Lord ; but we must believe in God the Father Almighty, and...
Page iii - In reading Dr Swete's most helpful and stimulating little book on Patristic Study I came upon this sentence (p. 55): "a careful study of his (Dionysius's) work and theological position would make an attractive contribution to the literature of Patristics.

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