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Last semester, I took a class in Latin American history and we were assigned to read De Jesus's Child of the Dark. This was the most fascinating book I've read, in a long time. I'm not an avid reader but this is one book that I truly had the pleasure of reading. As I began reading it, I found myself unable to put the book down. I was more and more intrigued by her diary entries. through her writings, she showed so much strength as she endured life's hardships as a favelato. The things she went through in order to give her children the best she could.
Through her writings, she became the voice for so many Brazilians who lived just as she did; poor, stepped on and unforgotten.I was sadden to learn that she returned back to the life she was so desperately striving to get out of. Physically she may have been able to move on but mentally and emotionally, I think she was stuck in her life as a favelato because one thing's for certain, no matter what stage she was in her life, she always encountered ridicule and criticism from the rich and the poor, the blacks and the whites.
If anyone wants to complain about their lives, they should take a moment to read this book. I think that once they read it they may find that someone's life is always worse then their own.I know that future readers will find this book to be one of the most memorable books ever written.

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