The Roentgen rays in medicine and surgery

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Macmillan, 1902 - Chest - 736 pages

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Page 330 - The advantages of a:-ray examination- when compared with the usual physical examination are evident. A definite diagnosis can be made in most cases before there are physical signs. Treatment can, therefore, be begun at an earlier and more hopeful stage, can be planned more intelligently as the knowledge of the position and extent of the aneurism is more accurate, and its results can be better estimated because we can more accurately measure any change in size.
Page 706 - MI). (Lond.). MRCP. Medical Registrar, Manchester Royal Infirmary; Hon. Med. Officer, Pendleton Dispensary (Salford Royal Hospital) : Assistant to the Professor of Medicine. Owens College, Manchester. With 18 illustrations (two colored). Royal 8vo. Cloth. $4.50. "The study of diabetes, which formed the basis of the author's discovery of the discoloration of methylene blue by blood taken from a diabetic subject, has made his name well known in connection with this disease. A contribution from his...
Page 554 - The use of the Roentgen ray has marked a distinct advance in military surgery. " It has favored conservatism and promoted the aseptic healing of bullet wounds made by lodged missiles, in that it has done away with the necessity for the exploration of wounds by probes or other means, and by this has obviated the dangers of infection and additional traumatism in this class of injuries. " In gunshot fractures it has been of great scientific value by showing the character of the bone lesions, the form...
Page 538 - If the examination be negative, both surgeon and patient are reassured; whereas, if the radiographs indicate that a foreign body is in the eye, an attempt to remove it may be made before a firm exudate has formed about it.
Page 168 - No physical signs on or after thls day. Dark area and restricted movement of the diaphragm on the left side: the movement is also less than normal on the right side. The dark area diminished gradually, and the excursion of the diaphragm on both Hides increased from week to week.
Page 532 - ... intersects that from 2 to 2. I have used this method for locating bullets in different parts of the extremities, and in the neck, thorax, back, and abdomen, and usually the situation of the bullet is readily determined by this means. The first bullet I located in this way was in April, 1896.
Page 706 - This work is not an imperfect Practice of Physic, but an attempt of original character to explain the rationale of our therapeutic measures.
Page 185 - X-ray examination, however, in order to obtain further information, and found a dark area over one lobe, and a shortened excursion of the diaphragm on that side, and the diagnosis of pneumonia was made without hesitation. This diagnosis was confirmed by a marked crisis and rapid clearing of the lung, as determined by X-ray examinations. At no time during the course of the disease did I obtain signs of consolidation by auscultation and percussion. Again, in...
Page 443 - There need be no delay on account of dread of the knife. 4. Pain and odor are relieved. 5. Healing follows without causing a burn. 6. The results from a cosmetic standpoint are excellent. 7. Treatment can be carried on without the work in which the patient is engaged being given up. 8. Signs of improvement may be seen within two or three weeks.
Page 281 - In the few cases in which I have had an opportunity to see the disease in its earliest stage the interosseous muscles were the first affected.

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