The Fly Leaf: A Pamphlet Periodical of the New -- the New Man, New Woman, New Ideas, Whimsies and Things, Volume 1

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Fly Leaf Publishing Company, 1895

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Page 14 - THE sun, the moon, the stars, the seas, the hills and the plains — Are not these, O Soul, the Vision of Him who reigns? Is not the Vision He ? tho...
Page 24 - The NY Independent, which as a rule gets much meat into small compass, in its book notices, calls Geo. Meredith " the most elaborately feminine man in English literary life." His Amazing Marriage it ranks as "a crazy structure gorgeously decorated, in which dwell nympholepts, aged satyrs, erotic wives and foredoomed maidens, all moving on to rainbow-hued destruction or jaundiced delight.
Page 9 - Plutus," answered he, angrily, And I am bargaining for the moon." ' And why do you want it?" asked I in amaze. ' Because I am tired of all my other toys." 'And the price?" asked I, scoffing, for I bore the badge of Lazarus. ' Untold millions, heaped up to Heaven's gate.
Page 3 - Young Woman of this era demand the heart of life in their literature, or they will be compelled to give way to bolder spirits, such as are now gathering strength in every modern literature. .Already the tide has set in. Hence the FLY LEAF.
Page 29 - When a young man is in love he no longer sends his heart's delight a silly sentimental poem, he sends her a symbolical Poster. Posters hold some hint of the vagaries and fantasies of the human heart, as sentimental poetry does not. The...
Page 26 - It contains especially good criticism of current literature, written in a vein of independence and vigor, which is another sign that, with the recruiting of the younger men in journalism and literature, criticism will again assume its proper importance and character in America.
Page 7 - The authority of religion and the force of superstition, which for centuries kept the arts and literature somewhat remote from the common ideals and passions of the mass of...
Page 8 - It is the pitiless despotism of the millions of uplifted, cruel, greedy maws that hold the fateful pence that decide every question of life and thought in this age of enlightenment.
Page 31 - Marcus Aurelius, Fragments from Sappho, Sonnets on English Dramatic Poets, the Pathos of the Rose in Poetry...
Page 24 - For my work is such a pleasure to me that the past has been atoned for long ago, and none of my memories are tainted by regrets.

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