An Historical View of the Reformed Church of France

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Page 206 - The Oxford Sausage: Or, Select Poetical Pieces, Written by the most Celebrated Wits Of The University of Oxford.
Page 145 - By his grace he now preserveth us from innumerable dangers and temptations, and gradually destroyeth sin in us : and by his power he will hereafter execute, in the fullest and most extensive sense, this part of his office, " when the wicked shall be consumed with " the spirit of his mouth, and destroyed with the
Page 91 - Whatever is not forbidden by the law, cannot be hindered ; and no person can be constrained to do that which the law ordaineth not. VI. The law is the expression of the general will : all the citizens have a right to concur personally, or by their representatives, to...
Page 141 - The king was one day passing in his carriage through a place near one of the royal palaces, when the rabble were gathered together to interrupt the worship of the dissenters ; his majesty stopped to know the cause of the hubbub, and being answered it was only some affair between the town's people and the Methodists, he replied, loud enough to be heard by many, • The Methodists are a quiet good kind of people, and will disturb nobody ; and if I can learn that any persons in my employ disturb them,...
Page 94 - for all the nonCatholics what you demand for yourselves — equality of rights — liberty, the liberty of their religion, the liberty of their worship, the liberty of celebrating it in houses consecrated for that purpose, — the assurance of not being troubled in the exercise of their religion any more than you are in yours, and the perfect assurance of being protected like you, as much as you, and in the same manner as you, by the common law.
Page 107 - Geneva, in words worthy to be had in everlasting remembrance : " I wish it to be understood that my intention and my firm determination are to maintain liberty . of worship. THE EMPIRE OF THE LAW ENDS WHERE THE EMPIRE OF THE CONSCIENCE BEGINS. Neither the law nor the prince must infringe upon this empire.
Page 145 - Now unto the God of grace : for the might of his Spirit and the love of Christ ; Be glory in the Church throughout all ages : world without end. Amen.
Page 155 - treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God and not of men,
Page 125 - Two of them, who made some resistance, they brought out in the street and cut to pieces on the threshold of their own habitation. The others they strangled. Five persons of the family of Chivas were immolated. One of these had been for some time confined in his room through sickness. Trestaillon went to his lodging, and finding his wife on the stair-case, asked for her husband. She shuddered at the sight of the murderer of her brethren, and hesitated what to answer. He saw her alarmed, and told her...
Page 80 - ... died, on the first of September, when he wanted only four days of completing the seventy-seventh year of his age; his reign of seventy-two years, three months, and seventeen days, being, we believe, the longest that any monarch ever enjoyed. He was cotemporary with four kings in Sweden, four in Denmark, five in Poland, five in Portugal, three in Spain, four in England, three emperors, and nine popes. By his first wife, Louis had one son, the dauphin; who died. in the year 1711, leaving three...

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