Birds of gay plumage: sun birds, &c. by M. and E. Kirby

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Page 50 - On the breast and neck the colours seem as if waved, the tips of the feathers being green, and the base a deep black. The wings of this splendid bird are black, edged with the same malachite-green, and from the under part are two tufts of brilliant yellow. It would be scarcely possible to describe the varied tints and hues and changing colours that play every moment over the surface of the plumage. But, after the period of rearing its young has passed, the beautiful Sun-Bird changes its costume....
Page 14 - Man is not there to wage war upon them ; but these wild creatures of the forest wage war upon each other, and the weak are always using some contrivance to protect themselves from the strong. There are a great many curious things to be seen in the forest. In the deepest gloom, where the trees shut out the sun, myriads of lights flit about, and twinkle like little stars. They flash here and there, and you might fancy that troops of fairies were carrying torches in their hands ; but there are no fairies...
Page 13 - ... steeple. Quite deep in the forest, they grow so thick together, and there are so many shrubs, that no one can get through, except it is the Indian, for he can make his way where a white man cannot. Do you see those curious plants that hang down from the branches of the trees like cords or streamers ? They are called vegetable cables, because they are so much like ropes. They wind round and round the trees for miles and miles. The monkeys run along them merrily. Great rivers run through the forest....

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